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The Diary of Anne Frank:

The Diary of Anne Frank Sarah Hemadi

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21 st Century Skills Learning and Innovation Skills: Creativity and Innovation Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Communication and Collaboration Information , Media and Technology Skills : Media Literacy Life and Career Skills: Social & Cross-Cultural Skills Leadership & Responsibility Content Standards 3.12 Analyze the way in which a work of literature is related to the themes and issues of its historical period. (Historical approach) 3.3 Analyze interactions between main and subordinate characters in a literary text (e.g., internal and external conflicts, motivations, relationships, influences) and explain the way those interactions affect the plot. 3.4 Determine characters’ traits by what the characters say about themselves in narration, dialogue, dramatic monologue, and soliloquy. Big Ideas/Unit Plans Why do dramatic situations bring out the best in some people? Why do dramatic situations bring out the worst in some people? Why is it important to listen to survivors’ stories? What can we learn from their stories?

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Learning Objectives: Student will be able to differentiate between a primary source and secondary source. Student will be able to understand the historical time period and events surrounding the Holocaust. Student will be able to understand why reading about the Holocaust is important and what were some of the long term ramifications of it. Student will be able to understand why it is important to listen to survivors’ stories. Assessments : Writer’s Journal Rubric-I will check their journals every Friday so that I am able to gauge their thoughts and feelings in response to the readings. I will check for understanding of their reading comprehension as well. Essay Rubric-The students will be graded on their essay. The essay will be graded on if they wrote five paragraphs, if they answered the writing prompt, if they used proper grammar and punctuation, proper essay format, and including their own perspective and interpretation.

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2 Activities The first activity I would include would be to give my students’ links to Holocaust survivors’ personal stories. The students will watch the video and then answer a series of questions based on the video. The second activity would be a Venn diagram. The students will use the Venn diagram to compare the struggles of Anne Frank to people they know and their struggles, or their own individual struggles. The diagram will help the students understand that all humans struggle.

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Why I chose this topic: I chose this topic because the story of Anne Frank is compelling and it allows us to have a better understanding of that historical time period. It also shows the students what a scapegoat is and why this happens. This knowledge then allows them to apply this concept to our current society. Why this topic is good for an online unit: This unit is good for a technology based unit because it allows the students to read literature about the Holocaust that is available online. Technology will show the students propaganda that was used during World War II. The technology will give the students access to survivors’ stories.

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