SAP Parts Heavy Duty Seals For Rotovator

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SAP Parts Heavy Duty Seals or mechanical face seals are manufactured in the state of the art facility. A Rotovator is also called as Rotary tiller, which consists of a steel frame, a rotary shaft on which blades are mounted, power transmission system and gearbox. Visit:


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SAP Parts Heavy Duty Seals For Rotovator Precision Engineered High Quality Heavy Duty Seals

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Quality Assurance By SAP Parts:  Specialty Quality Instrumentation  Surface Roughness Testing  Hardness Testing  Microscopic Image Analyzing  Surface Finish Testing  Seal Flatness Testing  Oil Leakage Testing  Endurance Testing Validation  Accelerated Seal life Test Rig  Seal Face Load estimation M/c Mechanical Face Seal Features:  Corrosion resistant  Precision lapped rings  Minimum face load variations  Special Seal and O - ring materials  Long life - warranted  Self-renewing sealing surfaces  Heavy duty applications

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Application Of Mechanical Seals In Rotovator Assembly Rotovator is additionally referred to as a rotary tiller consisting of a steel frame a shaft with blades an influence gearand a transmission. Blades area unit manufactured from medium steel or steel onerousness moderately hard and swish. The PTO of the tractor drives the rotating device. The rotation of the PTO is transmitted through the transmission and transmission to the shaft that carries the blades. The big bed and pulverization of the soil is completed in an exceedingly single pass of the rotovator. Rotavator is the most efficient system when you need a final crop solution. Regardless of soil type residue status or quantity results are always best. A wide variety of working depths and soil finishes can be easily changed and adjusted. Rotavator is also the most versatile tool for both purposes. 1. Crumbling: Very rough cultivation can be set to a very fine finish. 2. Mixture of residues: It can treat large amounts of weeds or garbage without blocking the most perfect mixture of residues. It has the advantage that organic materials can be easily mixed on perfectly clean surfaces.

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Application Of Mechanical Face Seals: Rotavators become the most sophisticated machine in their field. With rotor bearing units are protected by a mechanical face seal providing a lifetime of two to three times longer than a general system with a common oil seal. Contact Us SAP Parts™ Pvt. Ltd. Address - 85 B.U. Bhandari Indl. Estate Off John Deere Nagar Road Sanaswadi Tal. Shirur Dist. Pune - 412 208 Maharashtra India. Email Id - Phone No - +919561562957 Website -

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