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16 years of Experience and Successful in Proposing Cost Effective solutions for Poly Tank repairs. Replacing your old poly tanks and occasionally hard to remove polyethylene water tank or all other poly products.


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1 S A P o l y T a n k R e p a i r s Salisbury SA 5108 Australia. WELCOME to • Quality Polythene Fabrication and Plastic Tank Repairs. ... • Specialized in Domestic and Industrial Potable Water Tanks Repairs. ... • Proposes a Cost Effective Solution. ... • Offer You the Best Services. ...

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2 SA Poly having 16 years of Experienced and Successful in Domestic and Industrial Tank Repairs. Proposing Cost Effective solutions for Poly Tank repairs Replacing your old poly tanks and occasionally hard to remove polyethylene water tank or all other poly products. Specialized in • Domestic and Industrial potable water tanks Fabrication of H.D.P .E sheet material And • The plastic welded installation of poly stub flanges Threaded adapters or adaptors for the Rural and Industrial polyethylene environs. Cont. … About Us

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3 High Density Poly Ethylene H.D.P .E is a thermoplastic polymer made by petroleum. As a standout amongst the most adaptable plastic materials around H.D.P .E plastic is utilized in a wide assortment of utilizations. H.D.P .E sheet is exceedingly durable against effect scraped area safe and shows a low coefficient of contact. The material is also dampness blemish and odor resistant. Standard and customary issues of repairable items and parts incorporate are: • Boom spray tank • Water Carters • Pole through roof tank • Split base • Split wall • Split outlet • Poly fuel tank • Accidental damage About Us

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4 Services The localities of your tank need not be a problem as my fully equipped 4WD mobile workshop has all the latest necessary hands on extrusion/speed tip welding power tools and fabrication welding equipment and generator power when needed to get the job done. You are guaranteed the highest standard of poly work possible using either low medium on high density welding rod in black. I also stock a range of popular colors if requires. Cont. …

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5 Services Primarily as provide a mobile service costs are governed by locality availability of work in the region and endeavor to cover most part of South Australia only. Repair Maintenances in: • Plastic Welding Fabrication and Engineering . • Plastic Poly Tank Fuel and AD Blue Tank. • Industrial Plastic Tank and Outfits. • Farm and Rural Plastic Poly Tank. • Plastic Poly Sports and Leisure. • Plastic Poly Kayak and Boat. • Slim-line Water Plastic Tank. • Poly Plastic Water Tank. • Poly Transporter Tank. • Plastic Poly Pontoon. • Plastic Poly Tank. • Poly Tank Roof. • Poly Fuel Tank.

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6 Contact Us Address : 5 Eucalypt Ave Salisbury SA 5108 Australia. Phone : +61 0451 081 035 Email ID : Website Url :

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