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Sapiens IAS offers flexible and results-oriented Best Zoology Optional Coaching Coaching for UPSC and IAS students through an online and offline training program by well known IAS trainer Mr. Pradip Sarkar. Sapiens IAS Starting New Mains test Series for UPSC Zoology from 17th June. We are providing Zoology Online Test Series as-well-as Offline Zoology Mains Test Series for UPSC. If you are preparing for Civil Services Exam with or without Indian Forest Service with Zoology Optional, then you can join our IAS Zoology Test Series Online/Offline and IFoS Zoology Test Series Online and Offline both mode. Call: 8700922126 || 011-2875 6962 || 9718354962 Email: sapiensias@gmail.com Address: 17A/44, W.E.A. 3rd Floor, Near Karol Bagh Metro Station (Pillar No. 99), New Delhi- 110005. Read More at : https://www.sapiensias.in/course/zoology/zoology-optional-online-test-series/


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Zoology test Series:

Zoology test Series Email: info@sapiensias.in | Phone: +91-8700922126


Zoology Quite simply, zoology is the division of biology that deals with the animal kingdom. It’s the scientific study of everything having to do with animals, just as botany is the scientific study of plants. Zoology is a huge field that covers the classification of every animal on earth as well as many broader fields of experimentation and inquiry related to animal life, and the field keeps expanding due to scientific advances that continue to open new areas of research. Defining zoology was relatively simple back in the 4th Century BC when the ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, gave us some of the first broad classifications of living things. In his treatise Meteorology, Aristotle first (and logically) divided all living things into plants and animals. It could be said that as soon as he wrote those words, biology, botany and zoology were born. Zoology Option for administrative services is surely a technical one, and is opted only by students with Biology background, even though some of them may have gone on to complete their medical education. Yes, the course for this paper is quite elaborate and requires fairly sincere preparation, just as most other papers of administrative services examinations do.


We do note that lots of Biology students tend to opt for ANTHROPOLOGY as their Optional Paper. This is surely a negative optional recourse. If you browse through previous years’ question papers, you will feel far more comfortable & confident in knowing a major portion of Zoology questions than of Anthropology. And, because of your Zoology background, you will be in a much better position to assess the quality of your attempt at Zoology questions ! Is Zoology scoring ? Yes, absolutely. If you perform well there is absolutely no reason as to why you will lose any marks. And, it is precisely our association & guidance for as many as 15 months that will ensure that you do really well in your Zoology Option pape .  That is exactly what we are here for, and what our programme endeavours to do, considering your academic background and your individual merit. Be bold, be yourself, and do harness your Zoology background and choose only Zoology as your optional paper. You will be glad that you did ‘Zoology’ with us !


COURSE SUMMARY UPSC Zoology Test series consists of 10 tests – 6 area wise and 4 comprehensive tests. Schedule for which could be collected from our website The elaborate and complete discussion shall be held after every test. Personal feedback and attention shall be given to the students with properly evaluated test copies. In case, if anyone misses any Zoology test discussion which is valuable could be provided with recorded class since our institution is completely digital. Our teacher, Pradip Sarkar himself evaluates test copies; hence, test copies are evaluated reliably.


It is observed that those students who have regularly appeared in IAS test series and participated in the discussion of tests, they have performed extraordinarily in final UPSC exam. Many of them scored 300+ and secured rank in IAS exam below 50. UPSC Test series for Zoology under reliable and experienced guidance, create opportunities for evaluation of the preparation, correction of mistakes and ensures several time revisions and memorization which ensures nearly to perfect preparation for the final examination. Thus, test series is a winning strategy in the UPSC/IAS examination. SAPIENS IAS is a trusted institution for a decade to channelize student’s knowledge, hard work and talents to the long-cherished goal of IAS.





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