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INTRODUCTION Full name Barack Hussein Obama Born on 4 th /Aug/1961, in Honolulu, Hawai Son of Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham Graduated from Columbia University & Harvard Law School Wife – Michelle Obama, two Daughters Malisha &Sasha Currently lives in Chicago, Illinois, other than White House State Senator of Illinois Senate, from 1997-2004 Won presidency election of USA on 4 th , Nov,2008 as a candidate of Democratic Party beating John McCain & Hillary Clinton Overall 44 th & first Afro American to be elected as president Won Nobel Price for peace in 2009

Objectives and Expectations FOR INDIA, :

Objectives and Expectations FOR INDIA, To have more salience in strategic ties with US . US should acknowledge larger Indian role in UN. Greater access for Indian goods and services, in US Positive signs on outsourcing. More cooperation in space initiatives , monsoon & crop prediction , in health &education sectors. Greater counter - terrorism cooperation. India wants US to back it in the nuclear suppliers group.

Objectives For US :

Objectives For US To strengthen economic, political & security ties with India. To generate employment in US, by increasing US exports in Indian market. Reduce trade barriers, facilitating the movement of more professionals to enhance bilateral cooperation, i.e. cooperation from both countries.

Results of the Visit :

Results of the Visit Business deals worth about $15b were finalized in military transport aircraft & power generation sector which is going to generate 53000 jobs in US. US appreciated India’s initiative in Afghanistan but said nothing about terrorism in Pakistan. Don’t expect anything that talks of taking away US jobs. Obama endorsed India’s bid for permanent seat in UNSC. India’s import ratio was more, than the export ratio in all the deals which were done.


Conclusion American president earlier said that increased commerce between the two countries will be a win-win situation for both nations. But as CPI(ML-Liberation) said, that “The visit ended with a win & win situation for America alone.”

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