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Pot of Gold : 

Pot of Gold Written & Presented by Santwana Korada 29-Aug-10 1 Santwana Korada

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Vibgyor has a pot of gold So we've always been told We slog & find untruth unfold Leaving our minds out cold 29-Aug-10 2 Santwana Korada

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Did the world fool us?    Or did we fool ourself?       About all the hype & fuss       Needed to prove our worthy self 29-Aug-10 3 Santwana Korada

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Whatever be the reason      The outcome is serene       We find ourself not in a prison       But with means unforeseen 29-Aug-10 4 Santwana Korada

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So stop all the quibbling  About love's labour lost Go out into the world, dribbling Without minding the cost 29-Aug-10 5 Santwana Korada

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The same labour then Will seem like a tuppence For when we see our den The rainbow will seem hence 29-Aug-10 6 Santwana Korada

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