expectations in a marriage

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Expectations are the cause of much dis-satisfactions


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Expectations in a MarriageGood or Bad??? : 

Expectations in a MarriageGood or Bad??? Written & Presented by Santwana Korada 29-Aug-10 1 Santwana Korada

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1.He says: Wives should listen to everything their husbands say & act accordingly. Really? …Why? 1.She says: Husbands don't think that the wives have any intelligence. Isn’t she equally qualified to take serious decisions of life. Are they…Really? Can't a compromise be reached where both have equal say in running their homes & lives? 29-Aug-10 2 Santwana Korada

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2 .He says: She is not the same person I married.She has changed into a demanding shrew….Why? 2.She says: He has changed,he does not love me & never listens to me…. Why? Are you both still the same people as before marriage?Do you still give each other flowers & love notes like earlier? 29-Aug-10 3 Santwana Korada

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3.Parents say: My children are disobedient & are secretive about their lives…Why is it so? 3.Kids say: Our parents are dictators,they want to rule our lives completely,never listening to our likes & opinions….Why this distance? Do either of you have the patience & way s of communicating with an open mind to understand each others individuality? 29-Aug-10 4 Santwana Korada

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4.Parents say: Our child wants to do everything his way. We are more experienced & better able… Is that true for everything? 4.Kids say: My old parents should keep out of making decisions,as I am capable of doing it…Are you really? Isn't it time to let go & on the other hand take advise. 29-Aug-10 5 Santwana Korada

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5.My colleagues don't keep me in the loop of the office grapevine of changes taking place…Why?  Do you interact without sounding condescending.Do you appreciate them? 29-Aug-10 6 Santwana Korada

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Bottom line--The more you expect the deeper the hurtof unfulfillment. If you don't expect --any return you get will be like "manna from heaven" giving unexpected joy & fulfillment. KARAM KARO PHUL KI ICHHA MAT KARO. 29-Aug-10 7 Santwana Korada

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