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Reality Check Written & Presented by Santwana Korada 25-Aug-10 1 Santwana Korada

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Parents are supposed to love and nurture, Grand-parents are supposed to pamper the future, Kids are supposed to love and obey the two But is this what's really true? 25-Aug-10 2 Santwana Korada

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Parents in frustration put up their hands, Grand-parents in intolerance often offend, Kids hate and oppose the two, Isn't this what's really true? 25-Aug-10 Santwana Korada 3

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Why then do we assume the feelings? Lay down the rules and heap guilt at them keeling Wouldn't it be better To let the world learn as it falters? & stop pretending we are without any fetters. 25-Aug-10 Santwana Korada 4

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