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The best things in life come in small packages


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The Greatest Teacher on the Earth : 

Written & Presented By Santwana Korada The Greatest Teacher on the Earth

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Santwana Korada 2 He teaches you to smile even as you fall. He teaches you to sleep peacefully even in high commotion. 25-Aug-10

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He teaches you patience & sharing with love. He teaches you to give unstintingly with unflagging love. Santwana Korada 3 25-Aug-10

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He teaches you to make your demands known & vent out your protests. He teaches you,not to hold any grudges but to enjoy every moment . Santwana Korada 4 25-Aug-10

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He teaches you to savour the most tastless dishes asif they are rare delicacies. He teaches you to absorb & learn at every step,even the benefit of erratic movements. Santwana Korada 5 25-Aug-10

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He teaches you to look good in any clothes,even diapers  All this without speaking a word Santwana Korada 6 25-Aug-10

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Who is this great teacher you ask Why He is…….. your very own little tike Your little God sent gift & blessing Santwana Korada 7 25-Aug-10

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We as adults have forgotten the real values and joys in simple things which he/she can teach us,all we need to do is keep our hearts and mind open like them. Santwana Korada 8 25-Aug-10

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