generation gap

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Does the gap really exist ?is it necessary to torment ourselves over it?


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Generation gap!!!!! : 

Generation gap!!!!! Written & Presented by Santwana Korada 24-Aug-10 1 Santwana Korada

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You just don't understand me!Is oft heard in our homesParent to child & child to parentEach keeping to his own dome 24-Aug-10 2 Santwana Korada

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Forward or backward  Each wanting to go onward Not realising each is but a reflection of the other Each has a uniqueness of his own  With a common thread 24-Aug-10 3 Santwana Korada

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The truth that seems hard to grasp  Is my dear that No one is too old or too young To learn from the other 24-Aug-10 4 Santwana Korada

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