the ever elusive "love"

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We search him here we search him there When all we need to is search within


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Elusive “Life of Love” : 

Elusive “Life of Love” Written & Presented By Santwana Korada 24-Aug-10 Santwana Korada 1

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24-Aug-10 Santwana Korada 2 We search him here, we search him thereWe Humans search him everywhere,The damned elusive "life of love".

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24-Aug-10 Santwana Korada 3 As kids we are promised it fleetinglyIn our teens the carrot dangles enticinglyIt still eludes us in our primeIn sunset days it’s worth not a dime.

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24-Aug-10 Santwana Korada 4 Now in hindsight, I do declareAll you mortals better bewareThe world fools you & you fool yourselfSearching here,searching thereWhen all you need to do is search nowhereBut glance within & free yourself.

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