God sent or Man-Made Disasters


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God sent or MAN-MADE DISASTERS? : 

Poem & Presentation By Santwana Korada God sent or MAN-MADE DISASTERS? 22-Aug-10 1 By Santwana Korada

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I’ve heard a lot about how each   Hurtful, bad, harmful, painful sufferings—are sent by the Lord As punishments for man’s actions Are they? Really? 22-Aug-10 2 By Santwana Korada

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If man cuts down trees … And the climate becomes unbearably hot…. Is that done by God? 22-Aug-10 3 By Santwana Korada

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If factories spew out chemicals… And deplete the ozone layer… Melting the ice land to bring us Tsunamis.. Is that done by God? 22-Aug-10 4 By Santwana Korada

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If unhygienic living .. And adulterated or lack of medicines.. Brings the Plague or epidemics… Is that done by God? 22-Aug-10 5 By Santwana Korada

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If depletion of forests Destroying arable land to built high rises Brings floods & famines…. Killing uncountable beings… Is that done by God? 22-Aug-10 6 By Santwana Korada

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If manufacturing nuclear play toys for each country To present themselves as super powers Brings death and destruction Is that done by God? 22-Aug-10 7 By Santwana Korada

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You tell me if a God who “He was wounded for our transgressions,  He was bruised for our iniquities:  The chastisement of our peace was upon him; And with his stripes we are healed.” 22-Aug-10 8 By Santwana Korada

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Would send Hurtful, bad, harmful, painful occurrences As punishments for man’s actions? Isn’t it high time WE opened our eyes & faced Reality??? 22-Aug-10 9 By Santwana Korada

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