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The most powerful quality: "The Ability to Forgive"

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Forgiveness has nothing to do with whether someone deserves to be forgiven --- it is an act of love, not of justice. It may or may not help the person you forgive, but it definitely will free you of your chains of resentment & hurt,that surround you & stop you leading a stress free life. It’s easier said than done but try to remember the good times with that person, so forgiving him becomes easier.

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Remind yourself of everyone & the reasons that have hurt you in life. Make a list . 2 names that need to be at the top of your list are your parents – in reality no parents are perfect they have their own emotional baggage. Put your own name on the list too -- to be absolutely free of hurt & hatred. Start to forgive from your heart. Say you’re sorry for blaming the Almighty & your fate. Expect complete freedom from bitterness as you forgive

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Pray for Yourself I am sorry for my own sins, and forgive me for the things that I have done wrong. Please help me to forgive from my heart all the people on my list.

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Forgive Others I now choose to forgive [name person] for [reason of hurt ]and I release [name person] into the freedom of my forgiveness. I will not hold these things against [name person] anymore.

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Cut the Ropes of Hurt Thank You, for helping me to forgive [name the person]. I now ask that You set me free from every ungodly influence that [name the person] has had on my life and that You cut the ropes that have held me tightly to the pain of the past.

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Ask Forgiveness from the Almighty I’m sorry, God, for blaming You for the bad things that have happened in my life. I now know You did not want these things to happen either. Please forgive me.

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No circumstance is so awful or devastating that it is beyond the relevance of this amazing prayer. The chains of unforgiveness keeps all the memories and suffering of childhood and thereafter fresh in our minds & becomes all consuming leading to emotional, psychological & even physical problems for ourselves.

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Every time you forgive someone for something new you find, one of the strands that is holding you prisoner will be cut. Little by little you will set yourself free from the chains of your past. Stop counting & keep forgiving as many times as required to free you completely & continue to do so. You can no longer be chained to the past by anyone who has hurt you. You are free. Forgiveness is the master key. Use it to open & cleanse all the problems of your lives -- - you have nothing to lose & everything to gain.

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