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if you can lick an stamp and mail an postcards than you can make money!


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Postcard Marketing System Postcard Marketing For Profits abm make money from postcards 2818 money from postcards Did you know that a Postcard gets a 100 open rate Think about it – a postcard with a compelling picture on the front will motivate the recipient to turn the card over every time And for those of us in Direct Sales and Network Marketing – that’s all we want – to get our message in front of more serious people And we need a simple system to follow up with our prospects so we catch them when the time is right which typically isn’t on the first contact. Consider these sales statistics - ABM MLM POSTCARDS

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80 of Sales Happen on 5th Follow up Think about this - These days even our friends sometimes don’t take our calls – everyone screens. How many emails do you delete unopened and unread every day How many people are using Direct Mail these days to build their home business Answer only the serious and successful ones Here are some examples of compelling photos that GET YOUR POSTCARD TURNED OVER - Opportunity Postcard for Profits

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Entrepreneur Postcard mlm postcards checkout our home based business

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Founded in 2003 the American Bill Money is a multi-level marketing scheme that offers the Deluxe Package for 125 a month. What you are actually buying is a name list of 150 income opportunity seekers each on a peel and stick label that you will receive every month. You may use the leads not only

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to promote ABM business but any business personal or otherwise as well. ABM guarantees that each name and address on the list is deliverable and if returned they will have the name replaced on a ratio of 2:1. 150 attractive and full color ABM postcards come with your monthly Deluxe Package order. You will also receive 50 colored ABM business cards and ID stickers bearing your name and ABM number that you can use as materials in promoting ABM. The package also includes the following services: • You will get 2 toll-free 800 numbers and the website that will help you explain what ABM is all about to your prospective clients. Live operators are on standby 24/7 to take orders for you. American Bill Money will answer all the questions for you. All orders are immediately sent via priority mail. • You are personally notified for each successful referral you make and paid 75 the following day. • You will get free genealogy reports with each check. ABM claims to have the best pay plan available. An affiliate is paid 25 a month for each referral on every recruit on all 3 levels. There are no one or two-ups where you do not get paid. All your direct referrals are called your 1st level. For each of such referrals you get 75 the very next day and then 25 monthly for each as long as they are active. Referrals by your 1st level recruits are your 2nd level each bringing you additional income of 25 per month. Referrals by your 2nd levelers will be your 3rd level for which you will earn another 25 monthly for each one of them. In theory you will need only one active direct referral for you to earn commissions from levels 2 and 3. There are no hidden requirements and quotas to meet. All that is required is for you to remain active and in good standing to qualify for commissions. Out of each customer that pays 125 monthly American Bill Money pays 75 in commissions residually every month. The rest goes to company profits and operating expenses. If you want to learn more about American Bill Money take a look at american bill money postcards make money abm make money from postcards 2818 money from postcards

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