How Could you Determine the Failed AC Evaporator in your BMW

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The BMW is known for its elegant design and powerful performance and in addition to this, BMW also comes with many advanced features that make driving comfortable and pleasurable. One of the components in your BMW that plays a crucial role in the comfort of the occupants is the AC. The AC system of your BMW also consists of many components and the AC evaporator is one of them. Go through the slide to know the ways to determine the failed AC evaporator in your BMW.


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How Could you Determine the Failed AC Evaporator in your BMW?


In modern cars like BMW, the AC system is comprised of several independent parts which seamlessly work together to convert the warm air to cool.


But in the hot summer days, the most frustrating situation for the BMW owners is a broken AC. Like other parts, the AC evaporator plays a crucial role in the car air conditioner.


The AC evaporator is the major part of the air conditioning system which can remove the heat from the hot air enter into the car.


Weak cool air


If you find any leakage in the AC evaporator coil, then it will ultimately impact the effectiveness of the air conditioning system.


When the leakage in the evaporator coil is increased, then the cooling capacity of the car is eventually reduced.


Inactive AC compressor


The AC compressor in the BMW are generally intended for circulating the refrigerant through the evaporator.


If you find any types of leakages in the AC evaporator, then the air pressure within the car is reduced and make the compressor inactive.


If the AC evaporator of your BMW is leaking, then a small amount of refrigerant will leak from the coil or seals.


These types of leakages in your BMW can produce a strange odor which may be more bitter when you turned on the AC.


Fluctuate AC temperature


If the AC evaporator in your BMW has a small leak, then it will cool the air, but varies from time to time.


Moreover, when the temperature of the AC is inconsistent, then it indicates the damaged AC evaporator of the car.




When you notice any types of leakages in the AC evaporator coil of your BMW, then take your car to a mechanic for fixing the leakage.


But fixing the leaks is a temporary solution means it will create additional problems within the AC system, so replacement is the best option.

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