What are the Maintenance Myths of the Car you Should Avoid

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While servicing your car, there are several maintenance myths that should be avoided. Some common myths associated with the car are a routine oil change, don't replace one tire, tires inflated due to low pressure, warm up the car before driving, replacement of coolant & air filter. Go through these slides to learn the maintenance myths of the car that should be avoided.


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What are the Maintenance Myths of the Car you Should Avoid


Now the automobile industry and the car service centers give you several tips for maintaining your car smoothly.


But some of their tips might not be necessary for your car and unknowingly cost you tons of extra money without knowing about the truth behind it.


Most of the maintenance myths recommended by the service centers for your car are actually worthless.


If you are unsure about what kind of maintenance myths you should avoid whiles performing the maintenance of the car, go through the following points.


Routine Oil Change on Every 3,000 Miles


The car owners have a major misconception in their mind that they have to change the engine oil in every 3000 miles.


Depending on the way you drive, you can perform the oil change. If you are driving the car in a dusty area with lots of stop and traffic, then change the oil after 4000 to 7500 miles.


Don't replace one tire


The car owner also has a major misconception that if one of their tires are patched or damaged, they can change the whole sidewall of the car.


But if you are replacing your damaged tire with the same brand, model and size, then replace one at a time rather than four.


Tires inflated due to low pressure


The tire manufacturers and the vehicle manufacturers specify different rates of pressure for your car which isn't always ideal.


To know about the relevant tire pressure of your car, go through the PSI printed figure on the driver's side doorjamb of the tire.


Warm up the car before driving


The car owners start their car for a few minutes to warm up and thought that the car takes too much time to warm up before running on the road.


But the truth is once you drive the car on the road, the engine will automatically warm up and quickly get maximum fuel efficiency.


Replace Coolant And Air Filter


Many car mechanics suggest the car owners regarding the replacement of air filter and coolant flush on every two years for maintaining its engine.


Change the coolant and air filter when you feel that the air filter is covered with impurities and the car engine are running below the threshold and need refueling.




The above myths will somehow help you to save your money and time as well as give your car a long-lasting life.


So, for fulfilling all of your car maintenance needs, make sure that you contact an honest, friendly and smart service center.


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