What are the Causes Behind your Car Won't Start

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At times, you may happen to experience certain problems while starting the car and if it doesn't, then the reason can be a clogged fuel filter, dead battery, failed starter or a malfunctioning ignition chamber. You should see these slides to know more about the causes behind the no-starting condition of your car.


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What are the Causes Behind your Car Won't Start:

What are the Causes Behind your Car Won't Start


It is frustrating when the car won't start after turning the key several times. Almost all the car owners experience this problem with their car.


If you found that your car won't start, then make sure that several things in your car go wrong. So, don't need to worry about it.


Whenever you face this problem in your car, call your local automotive shop or tow your car to a local repair shop to find the issues.


There are many problems in your car cause starting issues. The following points define all the causes behind the starting issues in your car.


Clogged fuel filter


The fuel filter of the car is responsible for improving the performance of the engine by filtering the particulate matter out of the fuel before it enters the engine.


If the fuel filter of the car is clogged, then the engine won't get enough pure fuel to run. As a result, your car won't start.


In this case, when you turn the key, you will notice that the engine start to turn, but the lack of enough fuel it is failing to turn over.


Dead battery


The battery spends a small portion of its storage for starting the car and get the recharge from the alternator when it moves.


When the light or any other electrical applications is left on in a off car, then it can drain the battery power and requires a battery start-up.


In this situation, if you try to start the car, then your engine unable to start the car and require jump-starting of the battery.


Failed starter


The starter of the car consist of many parts, but the solenoid is the most common one which relays electric current to the starter motor.


If you hear a clicking noise in your car, then there is a chance that the solenoid is failed. Instead of it, the failed bushing or bearing also fails the starter.


When the starter is failed, the headlights will be brighter when the car is off, but dim when you are trying to start the engine.


Failed ignition chamber


When the fuel and air injected into the ignition chamber, the spark plug cause the spark to make them ignite to start the car.


The ignition coil and spark plugs cause the ignition in your engine. If the spark plug is malfunctioned completely, then your car fails to start.


In this case, when you turn the key, the engine will result in clicking. But the car is trying to start-up because the fuel is not being lit.




If the fuel filter is putting a strain on your car, then make sure that your engine is unable to start the car.


The most effective way is to diagnose the issues by managing them proactively and recognizing their signs.


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