What are the Causes of Remote Starter Problem in Car

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Nowadays, with the advancement of technology starting of the car when anyone inserts a key has become insignificant. These days cars are being started with the help of remote starter keys which is also known as the remote ignition system. These systems enable the car to start a distance without actually getting into it. It is a great technology, however, at times the remote may fail due to some reasons and your car will be unable to start. Go through the slide to know the causes of remote starter problem in a car.


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What are the Causes of Remote Starter Problem in Car


The remote car starter of your car also known as remote ignition systems that can enable the car to start at a distance without actually getting into it.


As it is worked by sending the radio signal to a receiver that is located within the car by pushing the remote.


It is a great technology, but sometimes when you are trying to start it by using the remote, the car doesn't respond.


Several reasons are responsible for affecting the remote starter of your car. Here are the causes behind it.


Ranges of a car starter


If you find a defect in the remote starter control of your car, then it does not respond. So, check out the car starter range.


Many times the starter does not work if you are operating it out of the range. The physical obstructions also diminish the range of starter.


Dead battery


Many times, the car light might flash a bit but doesn't start the car. If the starter doesn't work, then check the LED lights on the remote.


The dead battery also cause LED light issues in the car. To solve the starter problem, it's better to replace the low power or a dead battery.


Check the receiver


The car starter problem with the remote also associated with the receiver. Sometimes the receiver also causes some problems.


So, check the receiver of the car and make sure that the receiver wires are not unhinged. At this time, don't press the start button adequately.


Check the hood


If the hood is open, then the starter may not work because the hood switch pin prevents the engine from remote starting.


If the issue is related to the fuse, then take it to a mechanic. It's best to check it by a professional for resolving the wiring problems.




The above-given points define the few causes of remote starter problem in your car which needs your immediate attention.


As compared to the one-way starter of your car, the two-way starter may have different and more features.


These technologies definitely required a trained hand to perform the necessary operations. So, make sure that you install it by a trained professional.


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