how to improve a center and center business


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How To improve a center and Center Business


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Center Image : 

How To improve a center and Center Business Center Image

Marketing Policy____________ : 

Direct Marketing Indirect Marketing Marketing Policy____________

Direct Marketing : 

Data Collection College Camp Road Camp Coaching Visit House Survey Direct Marketing

Indirect Marketing : 

Counseling Telephonic Follow up Faculty recommendation Student ‘s Friend Indirect Marketing

Counsiling Prosess : 

Probing_____________ Family Background Interested Course Why Chose this Institution Fair Judgment Counsiling Prosess

Do…………….. : 

Positive Attitude Do……………..

Satyajit Roy…… : 

He had no money to direct a movie in this time his wife sold her all jewelry to make the movie. But Satyajit had positive attitude to make this. Would you like to know which is the movie name it is …..GUPIGYAN BAGHABYAN. Satyajit Roy……

Uttam Kumar : 

His 6th movie was super flop but he has also the positive attitude now he is an Idol for us. Uttam Kumar

Mr.Disney : 

He is the most looser to do his office work. One day he draw a mouse today his mouse name MICKY MOUSE. Mr.Disney

Thank you Sankha : 

Thank you Sankha

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