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1 Enkay Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd. SOLUTION for Convergence

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Objectives of the Solution : 

Objectives of the Solution 3

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4 Product Line for proposed solution

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5 Enkay Technologies India Pvt Ltd. Stage I: Cabling Infrastructure

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6 Cabling Infrastructure : The workflow

Cabling Capability Matrix : 

Cabling Capability Matrix 7

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8 Centralized Network Schematic W/S IDF MDF 2 Meter Patch Cord Cat-6 (Data) - 1 Meter Patch Cord Cat-6 (Data) 100 Pair Riser Cable Jumper wire UTP E cat 6 Cables PBX Data Rack & Voice Rack

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9 How it looks like

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10 Enkay Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd. Data Center Infrastructure, Active Components (Servers & Routing Switching

Data Centre ? : 

11 Data Centre ?

Components Of a DATA CENTRE : 

12 Components Of a DATA CENTRE

Components Of a DATA CENTRE : 

13 Components Of a DATA CENTRE

Components of a Data Center Rack : 

14 Components of a Data Center Rack

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15 Enkay Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd. Active Components (Servers & Routing Switching)

Components Of a Network : 

16 Components Of a Network

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Stage II: Voice Infrastructure Enkay Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

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1982 Personal computer PC9801 Information Technology Empowered by Innovation A History of Innovation 1899 Desktop telephone 2002 World's fastest computer Earth Simulator (for JAMSTEC) Networking Technology 1999 DWDM 2001 Mobile Terminal for World's first 3G-service FOMA (NTT DoCoMo) Integrated IT/Network Solutions 1980 Swiss satellite communications earth station 1955 Crossbar switching system 1974 Mainframe computer ACOS Series

Some Hospitality Features : 

Some Hospitality Features Guest Name Display – Dterm Guest Information Display – Hotel Attendant Console Guest Information Display – PMS Terminal Guest Room Calling – Hotel Attendant Group Restriction Guest Station – Dterm House Phone/Hot Line Feature Transparency over CCIS Interposition Transfer 2 Language Service Message Waiting Maid Status Manual Switching of C.O. Incoming Call Destination Maid Status – Answerback Off-Hook Alarm Overtime Call Printer Control – Attendant Console PMS Interface – BISYNC PMS Interface Paging Console Room Cutoff Room Status Room Numbering Split Access to Outgoing Screening (Split Hold) Service Call Routing Secretarial Service – Guest Station Suite Room Service 2nd Wakeup Call – Same Guest Station Toll Terminal Access Timing Start Wake-Up Announcement – Headstart Announcement Service – Guest Station Audit Reports Automatic Wake-Up Automatic Wake-Up – Dterm Attendant Console with Hotel Functions Automatic Message Waiting Lamp Off Alert Service Automatic Wake-Up-Hotel Attendant Busy Status Display – Hotel Attendant Calendar Display Check-In/Checkout Calling Station Number Display Called Number Display – Hotel Attendant Console Connecting Room Service Call Information Display Do Not Disturb Do Not Disturb – Dterm Day/Night Class of Service Direct Page Connection Direct Paging Direct Service Set/Reset Direct Station Selection Directory Assistance Interface Direct Selection – Outside Dterm with Hotel Functions (Front Desk Terminal) Direct Data Entry – Station Double Suite Room DND/MW Lamp Control Guest/Administrative Service Group Service through PMS Guest Name Display through PMS Over 60 Hospitality Features!!

Hotel Suites Overview : 

Hotel Suites Overview ISP Router Business Centre Wireless LAN Fax Copier Banquet Wireless LAN Projector Video Conference CTI Server CRM Server High Speed Internet Server FireWall Server Food & Beverage Wireless LAN Guest Room Analog IP Soft Phone Telephone sets Wireless LAN High Speed Internet Access xDSL Digital xDSL Modem Screen Phone Service & Administration Terminals Wireless LAN Wireless Phone UNIVERGE WLAN PoE Switch

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21 Enkay Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd. Stage III: AVSI Infrastructure

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22 Boardroom Infrastructure : The workflow

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AVSI Equipment Layout

Front Elevation Drawing : 

Front Elevation Drawing

Solution Architecture : 

Solution Architecture

Audio Visual Systems Integration Components : 

Audio Visual Systems Integration Components

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28 Enkay Technologies India Pvt Ltd. Stage IV: Security

Fire : 

Fire From inception, fire produces changes in the environment. Any of these changes is referred to as the “fire signature”, which can be monitored by a detection system. The process of combustion (PoC) releases large numbers of solid & liquid particles into the atmosphere. They are called aerosols and, when produced by fire, are usually called smoke. PoC particles smaller than 0.3 micrometers are usually called invisible. Larger than 0.3 micrometers can scatter light & are… VISIBLE

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A Graph of a fire condition

Morley System Architecture : 

Morley System Architecture

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32 Access Control System & CCTV



Thank You : 

Thank You 34 Enkay Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

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