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Geometry Designs : 

Geometry Designs

Slide 2: 

Do you want to turn this usless pile of junk into something more appealing to the eye?

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Well, you can make some of these geometric designs out of that equipment.

You Will Need : 

You Will Need Some wood Some wool Some nails A compass A ruler A hammer Something you can punch holes in wood with. A Piece Paper that has been cut into a square.

Step 1 : 

Step 1 Draw circles on the paper that increase 1 centimeter in diameter.

Step 2 : 

Step 2 Draw a line from corner to corner of the paper.

Step 3 : 

Step 3 Draw a line from the center of the top to the centre of the bottom. Do the same from left to right.

Step 4 : 

Step 4 Draw dots along the lines. These represent where your nails could go.

Step 5 : 

Step 5 Draw on your design.

Step 6 : 

Step 6 Go over your design in the colour wool you want the design to be.

Step 7 : 

Step 7 Draw lines across the board. Draw circles on the board increasing by 1 cm in diameter.Draw on the dots.

Step 8 : 

Step 8 Punch holes along the dots.

Step 9 : 

Step 9 Hammer in the nails.

Step 10 : 

Step 10 Spray paint the board any colour, There should be no pencil on the board.

Step 11 : 

Step 11 Thread the wool on your design

Step 12 : 

Step 12 Your done. If you use more then 1 colour for the wool your design it should turn out like...

Look at these designs. : 

Look at these designs.

The End Hope you enjoyed the show : 

The End Hope you enjoyed the show This movie was put together by Sanjay Govind from M9 The designs were made by class mates from M9.

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