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Servo Motor is an electrical device that rotates or pushes the part of the machine with high precision and accuracy. There are different types of Servo Motors- DC Servo Motor, AC Servo Motor, Brushless Servo Motor, Brushless DC Servo Motor. To know more about Servo Motor click here: https://www.industrialmegamart.com/industrial-automation/servo-motor.html


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What is Servo Motor?:

A servo motor is a stand-alone electrical device that rotates or pushes a particular part of a machine with high precision and accuracy. Servo motors are highly used in high technology devices in industries like the automation industry. These little guys are largely used in robotics, tracking systems, drones, airplanes and some household items like the Disk player. If you own a radio-controlled vehicle, odds are that you might be interacting with a few servo motors. What is Servo Motor?

Different Types of Servo Motor:

We take a look at the different types of servo motor below. 1- DC Servo Motor This motor is somehow similar to the normal DC motor. It is a unit of four main components, namely a gearbox, DC motor, a control circuit, and a position sensing device. Different T ypes of Servo Motor


This motor is specifically built for continuous rotation making it easy for movement to take place. Due to its shallow amateur inductive reactance, the dc servo motor offers very accurate and fast reaction to start or stop commands making it very effective to numerically controlled devices .

2- AC Servo Motor:

An AC servo motor is composed of an electric encoder than gives closed loop control when used with controllers. It is more expensive than its predecessor due to its advanced designs that offer greater torque. This motor is designed for high current surges and is used in large applications like robotics, industrial automation , and other devices that need versatility . 2- AC Servo Motor


There are two types of the AC servo motor- The Synchronous type composed of a stator and rotor and T he Induction type that is similar to the general motor .

3- Brushless Servo Motor:

Generally, there are no brushes used in this motor. Instead, it is composed of permanent magnets on the rotor and windings in the stator. Electrical commutation is used to provide motor rotation. Brushless servo motor delivers high acceleration and high torque and requires no maintenance. 3- Brushless Servo Motor


This motor is mainly used in high throughput and precision-demanding applications or in applications where stable operation and motion control is critical. The motor is regularly used as extruder drive motors in manufacturing operations due to their high power density and efficiency .

4- Brushless DC Servo Motors:

The brushless DC servo motor is solely dedicated to speed control. The motor features high torque with high speeds . This motor is mainly ideal for heavy-duty applications that involve frequent overload conditions. 4 - Brushless DC Servo Motors


The motor is also ideal for applications that require maximum operation. It has an extreme lifetime and is highly reliable since it is built for extreme working conditions .


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