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MAIN CAUSE OF DISEASES ARE GERMS NOT GENES Germs are the main cause of diseases and the main contributing factor comes from 70 of heavily contaminated toothbrushes. Studies have shown the highest concentration of germs was the BATHROOM COUNTER AND TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER Popular discovery program MythBusters ran an experiment and discovered that every time you flush a toilet it releases an aerosol spray of tiny tainted water droplets. Contaminated water droplets travels in an invisible cloud. It can travel approximately 15 feet up and out from the area of the toilet flush. This “bacterial mist” remains in the air for at least two hours while floating around the room landing EVERYWHERE. Within the “community cup” or toothbrush holder toothbrushes does share their owner’s germs with one another. GERMS ARE THE MAIN CAUSE OF DISEASES Streptococcus mutans bacterium is commonly found in the human oral cavity. A significant contributor to tooth decay that affects both children and adults. Fusobacterium nucleatum another oral bacterium is significant in the development of periodontal diseases. There are different periodontal diseases that can affect these tooth-supporting tissues/structures by far the most common ones are plaque-induced inflammatory conditions. Germs Not Genes Cause Most Diseases THEY ARE FOUND ON YOUR TOOTHBRUSH Keep Your T oothBrush Sanitize with Oral SteriClean UV light sanitizers have come of age and are the most convenient way to sanitize toothbrushes today. Sanitizing your toothbrush is essential and with Oral SteriClean you can now do it wherever you are. Clinically proven 1 Doctor and Dentist recommended UV Sanitizer Oral SteriClean® is simply

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the best FDA Listed UV sanitizer for your families needs Tested and proven to kill 99.9 of the most aggressive bacteria. Oral SteriClean UV Toothbrush Sanitizers replaces the “community cup” resulting in a germ free environment for your toothbrush until the next use.

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