Type of leadership

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Type of leadership: 

Type of leadership Dr Anuradha Prasad

Types of leadership styles: 

Types of leadership styles Autocratic leaders- Hitler. Mussolini. Mao of china Aurangzeb

Intellectual leader…: 

Intellectual leader… Birla's. Ambanis. Tata's, Godrej. Piramal Group of Companies.

Liberal leader….: 

Liberal leader…. Examples of social workers Or presently the government of America, Singapore etc

Democratic leader…: 

Democratic leader… Abraham Lincoln, Indira Gandhi. Jawaharlal Nehru Rajeev Gandhi.etc

Institutional leader…: 

Institutional leader… Organizational heads. Ceo of a multinational. Principles of schools , collges,institutes. Editors chief editors etc

Inducing leader…: 

Inducing leader… Social workers like – Anna Hazare, Mahatma Gandhi, Baba Amte, Mother teressa, Social activists freedom fighters etc.

Paternal leader…: 

Paternal leader… Inherited kings. Family heads. Village heads like Sarpanch etc

Creative leader…: 

Creative leader… All the writers, actors, musicians singers any other artist who influences others through art