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What is the price for a 5kW solar panel in Hyderabad The 5kW solar systems are an average size for the solar panel installations. If you are excited to know how much rooftop solar plant cost to install and looking for a price data for 5KW you are at the right place. The very first thing you should know about when searching for the price of a solar plant the fact is the cost always varies depending upon the size of your system type of the equipment you choose. Apart from the above factors. The capacity type of choice like off grid or on grid panel efficiency and type of panel size and space also effects on the overall price. In Hyderabad a 1 KW solar rooftop system would cost you around 1 lakh rupees estimated starting price in which a 5KW may costs you 500000 rupees basing the above terms and it is totally depends on the brand choice and other factors. Budding leaf infratech is the reputed and most trusted Rooftop solar panels company in Hyderabad. We can fetch you the best subsidy basing on your capacity of the solar plant. Visit our website to calculate the estimated price for a solar system installation and the subsidy offered by the Telangana government.

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