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Nau baj gaye kya ?

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Index Introduction KBC Situation Analysis - Executive Summery KBC Season-5 - Our Business - Background & Competition analysis - Research : Impact of Amitabh Bachchan PR Objectives - Specific goal & measurable objectives - Key Message Target Audience Strategy “Season -5” - Prelaunch - Launch - Post Launch Distribution Channels Social Media Strategy Key Media Outlets PR Challenges Suggestion -Market Based -Event based Measure success of the Campaign

Introduction :

Introduction The show first aired in 2000 and was hosted by Amitabh Bacchan On August 5, 2005, the show was restarted after a four-year hiatus, and renamed “Kaun Banega Crorepati Dwitiya” ended after 61 st episode when Amitabh fell ill. Star Television roped in Shahrukh Khan to host the third season of the show in 2007 but did not received good reviews from the audience & TRP went down The fourth season (called KBC4 ) was hosted by Amitabh Bachchan and started on October 11, 2010, on Bachchan's 68th birthday on Sony television

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Highlight KBC SEASON 1,2,3 & 4

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Executive Summery KBC Season-5 Anil kapoor will host the show as a replacement of Amitabh Bachchan The Show to be broadcast on Zee Television Network after its nine year partnership with Star Tv network For the 1 st time addressing International Celebrity Situation Analysis The objective is to attain record TRP in Entertainment arena

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Background & Competition Analysis A break through innovation that leapfrog Star Plus to Number 1 position with Record highest TRP in family entertainment (5.5) One of its kind family entertainment quiz show directed by Siddarth Basu with a price money of up to5 Cr based on “who want to be millioner ” In which the audience is also a participant 1 st & 2 nd season Hosted by Amitabh Bachchan followed by Sharukh Khan resulted in loss in rating The nearest competitor is a reality show ‘Big Boss’ air on Colours with a average TRP rating of 3.5,Zalak Dikhla Ja etc Several other reality shows & soaps share the same air time giving stiff competition on 9 Pm slot Mon to Thu

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Competitive Landscape (9:00 – 10:30 Pm) KBC-3 first episode Reached 23.3 Mn viewers KBC-1 has reached more viewers than any of India Cricket matches on DD1 or neo sports held at the same time KBC reached 39 Mn individuals in the 1 st week of launch, This is the highest ever reach in the history of entertainment arena Highest TRP Rating of 6.1 Highest TRP Rating of 5.1 Highest TRP Rating of 4.11 6.7

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Research: Impact of Amitabh Bachchan on the Game Show Amitabh Bachchan is one of the most acceptable & respectable face with a very clean image among audience admired by all irrespective of age, gender & religion Amitabh is seen as indispensible part of the Game show awarded with “Best anchor” award in 2005 His presence directly effects the viewership e.g. Viewer ship drastically went down when he fell ill & program hosted by Sharukh Khan in 2007 & soon off aired KBC Season-4 designed to launch on the 68 th Birthday of Big B to make impact on TRP His absence will disappoint millions of his followers & this could adversely effect the viewership

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PR Objective “To attain maximum number of viewership for the game show by reaching target audience ” i.e. Targeted TRP 7 & targeted viewership 60 mn “To Build Anil Kapoor’s image as a ideal replacement of Amitabh Bachchan” “Manage any negative coverage appearing in the media”

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PR Challenges Volume of Media Content Today a lot of content or information is flooding in the media boards so its difficult to position our communication to the overlapped target audience since every other show like Jhalak dikhla ja,big boss are promising with the similar looking communication, hard for a viewer to differentiate. Speed of conversation Since the world is digitized the speed of reaction to a communication also speedup ,we as a PR should be proactive in any negative coverage in term of blogs,twees or comments & this should be presented in a way to build a positive & lovable image of the Anil Kapoor & the show (Communication crises management ) Addressing International Audience For the first time grabbing attention of international celeberity Brad Pitt,Danny Boyle,angelina Jolie,James Camroon there for need to adress international media which is not simailar to the national one hence dealing with cultural & demographics difrences

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Target Audience KBC is a reality quiz show in which a contestant earn some money if he answers the question right so the target audience is all those people who wish to earn money It also includes Anil Kapoor which is a very repudiated & stain free actor also carry a family man image perfectly fine for family viewing The show also attract people having thirst of knowledge since the question asked by the host belongs to the current affairs & seen around a common men, it also throw challenges in terms of quiz so person from age group 15-70 will be the target audience for the show We can classify the target audience as 1)School going kids aged 15-21 2)College going adults aged in between 22-27 3)Working professionals (Men or women)21-70 4)Any income group 5) Entire family irrespective of the age & gender 6)Leaders of the community or any group

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SWOT Analysis Strength Undisputedly most popular reality game show from past decade Include celebrity as players Viewer Broadcasting in a popular family entertainment channel in a prime time Celebrity participant, Star Charisma & social cause Weakness Viewer see Amitabh bachchan as integrated part of the game show & his absence experienced a lower viewer ship in the past The viewers may not be able to connect with the new Host i.e. Anil Kapoor The decade old quiz show concept Threats Loss of Money on Publicity Loosing TRP rating to competition Viewers inclination for fun plus entertainment reality show i.e Zalak dikhla ja Any negative publicity of Anil Kapoor The concept deals with knowledge in terms of current affairs & less of entertainment Opportunity A set platform Oscar nominated Anil Kapoor appeals a fresh makeover of the show result in attracting new strata of viewers including his followers Endorsement of International celebrity opportunity to addresses global media

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Pre Launch (Jan 1 st~Jan 30th ) address to target audience ATL starting in Zee tv & its regional channels Ads aired on Radio Hoardings & Banners on public places National & regional newspapers Online campaigning i.s social media networking Press Conference Launch Launch date 14 th Feb To call celebrity gues in the launch of 1 st episode Use of expert life line where any celebrity help contestant Post Launch Press Release Interviews publication by the celebrity played KBC Measuring the effectiveness Public Relation Strategy Target audience Communication crises Management ( to avoid any negative publicity)

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Pre Launch as the target audience can be from age 15 and above irrespective of gender & income rage its vital to address mass media starts from 30 days onwards that is from 1 st Jan Giving frequent advertisement on Zee Tv & in its regional television featuring Anil kapoor saying “mein jald aa raha hun….Jhakas” type of occurrences continuity e.g. 10 Ads per day in prime time Airing promotion in Anil Kapoors voice in all the radio Channels for a acceptability Putting Hoarding, across all the major cities ,highways, flyover etc Banners on railway station,bus stops Ads put on all the national dailies & selected regional print media Publish a “Press release calendar” - Announcements - Major announcements - Trend Press releases - Feature story releases - video news releases (VNRs) - Webcasts

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Exploring online campaign Start a online portal featuring a virtual KBC set Viewer have a chance to feel like sitting on a hot seat where the appearance is just like original set. LAUNCH Planed to launch it on 14 th feb (valentines day) celebrity like Brad Pitt & Angelina Joli will present them self in the show as perfect valentine couple. Highlighting the winning amount to be contribution of charity As the show is on air the radio-jocky will give continuous update on the previous aired episode ,you tube broadcast,print media coverage of the show Post Launch Start from the day 60 th of the launch of season 5 Press release PR article on the success of the show Press interviews of the winning candidates & publishing there good experience with the media Highlighting KBC online portal

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Total Budget : 12 cr ATL Advertisement : 6cr Print Media (national Dalies): 2 Cr Out door (Hoarding & Banners): 50 lacs Online Campaign : 50 lacs Press release (Press release,Interviews,conference): 2cr BTL (1 cr) Road Show Promotional Gifts( in shopping malls/ outstation) Budgeting

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Target Media Press Kits (Print and Electronic) Media Lists: TV Ads,Radio Ads,Outdoor Media ,BTL media Press Releases - Announcements - Major announcements - Trend Press releases - Feature story releases - video news releases (VNRs) - Webcasts Media Training - Becoming a source • Public service announcements (PSAs) • Letters to the Editor • Press conferences • Media tours • Press Clipping Services - “writing” a news story

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Out of the Box Ideas : Marketing & Event Based We can include celebrity life line in which contestant can take help of the invited celebrity that is Brad Pitt & Angelina jollie Create a i -phone applcation for the KBC ,also crate a android & windows7 application for the game show Setting dialer tones e.g for dialar tone of KBC theme please sms kbc to5566 Distributing free KBC wall papers & mobile phone themes & a reminder application at 9:00 pm “ nau baj gaye kya ?” Asking a tricky question in between the commercial breaks to engage viewer so that there is a lesser chance he it switch the channel Promote it as a tool to bound family together as the quiz & money is common interest for all the audience e.g. “ apne family ko digiye knowdlege ka power dose tune to KBC raat 9:00 bage Anil kapoor ke sath ” 10 % of the total profit amount to be given to “Being Human foundation”supported by Salman Khan

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Social Media Strategy Launch a KBC blog which provide two way communication platform Execute a blogger relations program e.g reward base program Podcast e.g. youtube,utorrent etc Create video(s) Promote KBC across social network community like facebook,twitter,orkut,apnacirle etc Create social network application for example a KBC theme based game show in facebook in which the score displays publicly ,send invites to friends to play the game Build your own social network ,initiate to join followers the larger the base the effective is the reach. Build a widget

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Measuring Successes of the Campaign Measuring success is to Evaluate Target Media reach This could be done with the help of Circulation TRP numbers & viewership database ,circulation figures in case of print media Listenership of Radio ,direct interaction with the viewers in shopping malls asking for there votes Impressions the number of times an article has appeared in a particular publication should also be calculated. These articles should be checked for all the right messages. Then, these articles then should be multiplied with circulations figures Competitive Analysis competitor’s media presence i.e. Jhalak dikhla ja in terms of media type and frequency, which helps us implement our own media plan much more efficiently and effectively. Call ins There should be a interview with Anil & Brad Pitt that is being broadcasted on the radio and the floor is open for call-in interviews with the celebrity. The number of callers should be the measured as a success rate. Contest Entries If we are promoting a KBC SMS contest, i.e. “ ghar baithe bano crorpati ” the number of contest entries. A corollary to this would be the number of SMS received as votes for the winning contestant

Project timeline:

Project timeline Activity Phase 2010 2011 Nov DEC DEC DEC DEC DEC DEC DEC JAN MAR MAR MAR MAR MAR MAR MAR Preparation Kick off Market Study Sourcing activities Strategy preparation Implementation Result confirmation Project closure

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