How to become a Cosmetologist

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"Tulip International is a well-known academy of Wellness and cosmetology based in Mumbai, India. It is an affiliate of the Gold Coast Training Academy (GCTA) Australia, which is a renowned college with campuses in Queensland & New South Wales.In operation since 1988, the academy has successfully trained over 50,000 people in the Healthcare & Cosmetology sector. India’s premier Wellness & Cosmetology institute provides professional courses to help people make a potential career in the wellness and cosmetology domain. For more details visit:"


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How To Become Cosmetologist:

How To Become Cosmetologist

Slide 2: A cosmetologist is one who does hair cutting, coloring, styling hair, manicures and pedicures, and give skin treatments.

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If you want to become a cosmetologist need to follow these steps .

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1.  Take a course A cosmetology course will be the first step. Taking the course will teach you about human examination and chemistry and how to wash, cut and style hair .

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2.  Develop skills Develop the skills that you need to become a great cosmetologist. Communication skills, social skills, finance management skills etc

Slide 6: 3.  Keep yourself updated Keeping yourself updated in your field will help you succeed in your profession . You need to be up to date about the current trends in your industry.

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Tulip International is an affiliate of Gold Coast Training Academy (GCTA) Australia – a 30 years old reputed college with campuses in Qeensland & New South Wales. Tulip offers courses in Healthcare & Cosmetology areas .These courses are conducted all under one roof.

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