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If you missed it, here's what we presented at open house.


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White Team Open House : 

White Team Open House September 2008 Johanna Perrin Middle School

Team Expectations : 

Strive to be the BEST you can be! We will RESPECT one another. We all need to take RESPONSIBILITY to make this a learning environment. Be PREPARED. Follow DIRECTIONS. Team Expectations

Middle School Survival Skills : 

Middle School Survival Skills Bring a writing utensil to every class Bring all necessary materials- novel, packets, folder TO DO DONE Use your homework folder Use your agenda Make up all work after an absence Do not stop at your locker before every class Plan ahead and take what you will need

Team Homework Rubric : 

Team Homework Rubric 2 Points -in on time, best effort 1 Point -incomplete in class or late (next day) 0 Points -not turned in Students may be asked to call or email home when a pattern of incomplete or missing assignments occurs.

Homework Club : 

Homework Club One of the team teachers stays after school each day to allow students a quiet place to work or make up missing homework. We call this “homework club”. It may be assigned or voluntary.

Homework Club Schedule : 

Homework Club Schedule

How to Contact Us : 

How to Contact Us English: Math: Social Studies: Science:

School Counselors : 

School Counselors Mrs. Petroske marykaren_petroske@ Mrs. Newtownfrancine_newtown@

SOCIAL STUDIES with Mr. Lindstrom : 

SOCIAL STUDIES with Mr. Lindstrom Importance of Social Studies Packets Daily Review Videos to supplement the curriculum

ENGLISH with Mr. Trawitz : 

Student Expectations Weekly Lesson Sheet The Four Strands of English Language Arts Types of Writing Teacher Availability ENGLISH with Mr. Trawitz

SCIENCE with Mrs. Kirsch : 

SCIENCE with Mrs. Kirsch Not until February! Meet Gavin Kirsch!

SCIENCE with Mrs. Kirsch : 

SCIENCE with Mrs. Kirsch Student Expectations Safety First! 7th grade Curriculum = Life Science Extra Help Website

MATH with Miss Osterwise : 

State Math Curriculum On-line Textbook Resources RM Digital Curriculum Website MATH with Miss Osterwise


ANNUAL WHITE TEAM BREAKFAST! Thursday, October 30 6:45-7:30 White team students and their families are invited to join us in the JP cafetorium for a casual breakfast. Please submit your response sheet or email Miss Osterwise to participate.

7th Grade Health : 

7th Grade Health Student Expectations: Prepared Participate Polite Punctual Positive Attitude Grade is based on: Class work and Group work Homework Assignments Projects Tests and Quizzes

7th Grade Health:Course Outline : 

7th Grade Health:Course Outline Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence- Communication, Decision Making, Self-Confidence, Relationships, and Managing Emotions Tobacco Alcohol Human Sexuality (abstinence-based) First Aid

Contacts : 

Contacts Patti Mason School 421-2080 Home 223-0082 Email Kim Krause School 421-2080 Home 315-986-3470 Email Classroom Page: Kris Yusko School 421-2080 Home 388-8068 Email

Thank you for joining us at Open House tonight!  : 

Thank you for joining us at Open House tonight! 

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