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A person suffering from kidney stones need to follow a certain diet because the deposits that are formed are taken by the body through the food we eat.


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What is a Kidney Stone? Strong stores of salt and minerals shaped inside the kidneys are known as kidney stone. Kidney stone is known as nephrolithiasis in therapeutic term. What to eat when you have kidney stones While a few stones remain in the kidney others may go through the urinary tract. Littler measured stones go through the pee and cause torment and uneasiness. Greater stones should be evacuated through surgery. A man experiencing kidney stones need to take after a specific eating regimen design in light of the fact that the stores that are framed are taken by the body through the nourishment we eat .

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Diet Plan and Precautions for Kidney Stones There are more restrictions in a diet plan of an individual suffering with kidney stones compared to what they can eat. Sticking to a more natural diet and healthy diet with lots of fluids added to your daily routine will help you with your kidney stones . Consume Fruits and Vegetables Rich in Water Content You should consume fruits and vegetables with high water content because the urine will then be less acidic. Try to avoid vegetables that are high in oxalate like sesame, rhubarb, peanuts, sweet potatoes, spinach, wheat bran etc. Instead opt for cucumbers or squash which are good for your health if you have kidney stones.

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Avoid Purine Rich Foods You also need to go low on purine rich diet such as shellfish, red meat and organ meat. Purine increases the acidic level of urine which leads to stone formation . Go Low on Sodium Foods like canned meat/fish/chicken, cold cuts, caviar, anchovies, smoked fish/meat/chicken, bacon, ham etc. are all high in sodium and should be avoided. Anything too salty is not good if you are having kidney stones.

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