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INDOOR ENVIRONMETAL QUALITY ENHANCEMENT We spend on average 90% of our time inside the buildings. The right balance of acoustic and visual comfort together with good air quality improves workplace productivity and learning outcomes. Therefore maintaining the indoor environmental quality is very important.

Maintaining indoor environmental quality involves following::

Maintaining indoor environmental quality involves following: Access to ventilation Access to sun light Acoustics Power Supply Surface finishing Floor finishes

CIVIL COMPONENT: Surface finishes and floor finishing in buildings should be selected with regard to a number of criteria including :

CIVIL COMPONENT : Surface finishes and floor finishing in buildings should be selected with regard to a number of criteria including Safety. Functional performance. Durability. Visual characteristics. Acoustic performance. Environmental issues. Slip resistance.

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Slip resistant : A floor finish that meets a static coefficient of friction value of 0.50 or greater Place mats and/or runners at building entrances, adjacent water fountains, sinks, and any other place where spills may occur and is part of the workplace

Checklist – Wall and ceiling finishes :

Checklist – Wall and ceiling finishes • Consider wall and ceiling finishes alongside floor finishes. • Avoid shiny and reflective surfaces. • Avoid large and bold patterns. • Consider the use of changes in texture to differentiate between internal features or areas. • Ensure the placement of windows and artificial lighting minimises glare and reflection.

Role of Mathematics :

Role of Mathematics Access to light Windows should be arranged on site to ensure that they have good access to daylight and do not Shade close neighbors. Obstructions in front of windows can severely reduce the quality of daylight in spaces.

Shading to light:

Shading to light Shading devices should be used to avoid unwanted heat gains. The design of shading devices are normally based on calculations and modeled to ensure that windows or glazing is shaded from direct sunlight at specific times.

Role of physics :

Role of physics Maintaining the acoustics Locate quiet rooms away from external noise sources. Use a buffer zone, such as a lobby or foyer, to separate quiet and noisy rooms. Select ventilation system with minimal noise impact.

Access to ventilation:

Access to ventilation Natural ventilation, Mechanical ventilation, Air conditioning, or a combination of different types,

Role of electrical:

Role of electrical Power Supply All outlets, switches and controls should be positioned in a logical and consistent arrangement throughout a building so that they are easy to locate. Electrical cables, such as incoming electrical mains and parts of equipment can interfere with the use of hearing aids and some hearing enhancement equipment.

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