Sanders Wallis-How To Improve Your Golf Drive


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Sanders Wallis spent some time as a Summer Analyst at the security consulting firm of former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani in 2007.


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Sanders Wallis: How To Improve Your Golf Drive


When he is away from his work as the Director of New Business Development at Wallis Printing, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia, Sanders Wallis enjoys few things more than getting out onto the golf course and playing a few rounds. His drive is one of the strongest aspects of his game and he, like many players, has worked hard to develop his skill. If you would like to emulate this success you should do the following.


Attend The Range Your local driving range should be your first port of call because it will provide you with an environment where you can focus on nothing but developing your driving technique. You won’t need to worry about groups of players behind you or what you are going to do with your next few shots. Furthermore, many ranges have professionals on staff who can help you with technique.


Eyes On The Ball A momentary lapse in concentration is often all it takes for your shot to skew off-course, so you need to keep your eyes on the ball from the moment you start your swing all the way into the follow-through. The motions your body makes during the shot should become second nature, which can be achieved through practice.


Remember It’s Just A Shot Placing the ball on the tee with an audience surrounding you can make the drive feel more like performance than golf shot. Eliminate these thoughts from your mind and remember that it is just another shot that you need to execute correctly. Sanders Wallis is an experienced businessman and talented golfer.

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