Sanders Wallis - Common Mistakes Made By New Salespeople


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Sanders Wallis Common Mistakes Made By New Sales people


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Sanders Wallis: Common Mistakes Made By New Salespeople


In his work as the Director of New Business Development at Wallis Printing, Sanders Wallis is often responsible for forming sales relationships with new clients. He also oversees the company’s sales team, which means he is in prime position to see the mistakes that are made by new recruits, which he can then correct. There are a number of common blunders than many in sales make. Thankfully, all of them can be learned from, but you should still watch out for the following.


Going Straight For The Hard Sell While your customers will generally understand the meaning behind your calls and visits, that doesn’t mean that you should jump straight into the hard sell. Doing so prevents you from learning more about your customers and, more importantly, their needs. It also often results in you placing too much pressure on customers, which can make them feel less comfortable and thus unlikely to make any purchasing decisions. Keep things loose and establish relationships before you look towards closing any sales.


Not Selling A Solution You may have the greatest product in the world, but if your customers don’t see any need for it in their lives they will not buy it. Your job as a salesperson should be to establish this need by figuring out the problems that customers face so you can position your products as potential solutions. Expound upon the benefits and features your products have, but understand that your clients need to actually want those things before they will consider making any purchases.


Not Asking Questions New salespeople often feel that having the gift of the gab is all they will need to complete their sales. However, listening and engaging your customers is just as important, if not more so. Involve the people you speak to in the conversation by asking questions and listening to their responses. Failure to do this just makes customers feel as though they are being dictated to, which can lead to distrust forming in the relationship.


Skirting Around The Price All of your customers will have personal or professional budgets that they need to keep in mind so there is no point trying to avoid the issue of cost. Be upfront about the prices you charge for your services and products, with the emphasis being on how what you provide for that money is worth the fee. Leaving this until the end of the discussion can result in a quick end to the conversation if the client is unable to budget for the cost.


Not Being Knowledgeable Sanders Wallis and the sales team at Wallis Printing understand their products inside and out. Salespeople need to present themselves as experts in what they sell, so don’t be afraid of doing the work to learn more about your products and the company.


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