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Children’s wild words about nature

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The RSPB asked children why they love nature, and this is what they told us...

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I love nature because... “Our world would be so dull and boring without the pretty colours of nature.” Amber, age 8 ½

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I love nature because... “I love looking for creatures. It’s full of wild excitement.” Eilidh, age 4

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I love nature because... “A world without it would be like a Christmas without presents.” Alma, age 11

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I love nature because... “Nature is the best place on earth.” Emma, age 7

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I love nature because... “It gives sweet sounds to me all through the day.” Elliot, age 8

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I love nature because... “It ranges from m i c r o s c o p i c to HUGE and it covers the whole infinity of the universe.” Patrick

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I love nature because... “It makes me excited. I want to explode. My senses go mad. It’s nature galore. Who says nature will make you sad. I love nature in my magical land. I shiver with excitement from my toes to my head. I LOVE nature, isn’t that what I said!” Florence, age 11

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I love nature because... “It’s fun to do these things: race birds as they fly. Kick conkers and jump into leaves. Roll down a slope and stink of earth. Turn a log to see fungi with scurrying beetles. Taste nettle stew. Run through long, lush grass till my trousers are soaking wet!” Cameron, age 10

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I love nature because... “It’s so beautiful and wild it makes me think about lots of different things like: What would it be like to fly like a bird? What would it be like to be a bug?” Connie, age 9

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I love nature because... “Without it you would not have any real enjoyment. Also you can get muddy.” Katherine, age 9

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I love nature because... “I like seeing all the smooth, spiky, wonderful and different animals and plants.” Andrew, age 9

Slide 20: 

I love nature because... “It’s a place to get away when you’re upset or even just fed up of technology.” Ellie, age 11

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I love nature because... “It makes me feel happy when I walk outside. It’s like it’s talking to me like my best friend. It tells me secrets of the rainbow’s end.” Emily, age 9

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I love nature because... “You can forget all your troubles and just revel in the beauty of what’s around you.” Tamsin, age 15

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I love nature because... “It’s relaxing from the chaotic world around us. It’s full of soul.” Natalie, age 11

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I love nature because... “It’s bad enough having to sit in hot, stuffy classroom all day and if I didn’t have nature to look forward to during lunchtimes and break times then I don’t know what I would do!” Elspeth, age 10

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I love nature because... “Mother nature is the best teacher anyone could have!” Max, age 13

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I love nature because... “Nature creates. It creates my favourite secret den, a snack for a long country walk and reason to go outside.” Bethany, age 12

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I love nature because... “In the summer I love to dance around in the shade of the green, bushy trees. I love listening to all the birds sing and shout out wonderful tunes to each other.” Tyler

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I love nature because... “Badgers in their holes, rabbits in the meadow all jumping about mainly because they’re happy and that’s how I feel when I’m out and about.” Alice, age 11

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I love nature because... “Nature is really cool.” Richard, age 11

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I love nature because... “It is fascinating, always changing, wild, stupendous and diverse.” Florence, age 8

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I love nature because... “There is lots yet to discover in the nature world and I want to be the one to discover them!” Ellen

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I love nature because... “The world would be limp and lifeless without it.” Chloe, age 12

Slide 39: 

I love nature because... “No one would want to live in a concrete jungle of hundreds of miles big.” James

Slide 40: 

I love nature because... “If there were no trees, monkeys and birds would not survive and giraffes would not get their greens.” Erin, age 8

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I love nature because... “Without it, nothing in life would be fun or an adventure.” Amber, age 11

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“Please help to look after it because we want the trees and the plants in our future – don’t you???” James, age 12

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“I care about nature and so should you, as it really is a big deal. So what are you going to do just sit around and do nothing or keep the planet and its lovely nature a safe, green, natural home?” Emily, age 11

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“Time is precious so we need to act fast. Unless you help we won’t have this wonderful world. Ready to make a difference? Everyone can!” Jessica, age 10

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Give nature a future and give children more to get excited about. Sign the RSPB’s Letter to the Future today. Music by Capercaillie, courtesy of Survival Records.

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