Questions to Ask When Choosing an MPLS Provider


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If you are looking for Mpls provider, then you must ask these questions to your Mpls VPN provider ( which are described in this PDF.


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Questions to Ask When Choosing an MPLS Provider

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How is the Traffic supported When you are going for an MPLS site connection you will have to find out what kind of traffic is supported. You will be needing to communicate to other branches over voice you send data files as well. Then you will want that the video traffic is also supported as well. So before you decide about an MPLS VPN internet you will have to find which classes of service are supported Then how IP management will be taken care of. Then you will have to find out whether there is a point-to-point connection on layer-2 and is a point-to- multipoint connection is supported on layer-3 Then will the TDM to IP conversion will be there MPLS over Ethernet has become very common these days and you should try to find about it as well.

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Where Is Network Presence and How Is Security Taken Care of If you want MPLS over a wide area then you will have to find out the number of base stations. Then you will have to pay attention to the off-net and the on-net connectivity. How many domestic POPs are there and what about the international PoPs. How is security taken care of Is there a separate routing domain for data and communication

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