Journey of the Implementation of GST in India

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Many of us are happy and some of us are sad for GST implementation, but do you know about the journey of implementation of GST in India? Keep viewing this PPT to know the progress of GST year vise. To explore more about it - visit -


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Journey of the Implementation of GST in India


Interestingly, GST discussion started in 1986-8 , and it took almost 30 years to get implemented in India !


Let me watch how GST rolled out in all these years.


V.P. Singh Prime Minister of India VP Singh introduced modified VAT (Value Added Tax) i.e., MODVAT laid the foundation of the only tax system in the country In February 1986


Manmohan Singh Finance minister In 1989-1996 Finance minister Manmohan Singh introduced service tax


Atal Bihari Vajpayee January 2000 When Atal Bihari Vajpayee was PM , and Yashwant Sinha was FM, it was decided to maintain a uniform rate for the sales taxes between the states Prime Minister of India


Vijay L. Kelkar In 2004 Then finance ministry advisor Vijay L Kelkar suggested a comprehensive GST in country’s interest. Finance Ministry Advisor


P Chidambaram In 2004 P Chidambaram campaigned for the introduction of VAT to provide financial assistance to the states. Finance Minister


Pranab Mukherjee In 2009 New FM Pranab Mukherjee announced the basic structure of GST. Finance Minister


UPA Government In 2010 UPA Government started the computerization project of commercial tax in states which pushed implementation of GST in India by one year.


Manmohan Singh In 2011 Manmohan Singh introduced the Constitution Amendment Bill in Lok Sabha to implement GST. Following a protest by the opposition party, the Bill was sent to standing committee for detailed examination. Prime Minister of India


P Chidambaram In 2012 FM Chidambaram interacted with state finance minister to resolve all issues. Finance Minister


Indian Parliament In 2013 Standing Committee submitted its report to Parliament. The panel gave its approval with some amendments.


Arun Jaitley December 2014 FM Arun Jaitley presented the bill in Parliament. Finance Minister


Lok Sabha May 2015 The Lok Sabha passed the GST Constitution Amendment Bill.


Rajya Sabha August 2015 The bill is not passed in the Rajya Sabha .


August 2016 The Congress-led opposition finally agrees to the bill after four broad amendments. The bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha .


1 July 2017 Finally, GST was implemented all over the country.


O My God, implementation of GST took a lot of years to be implemented. But I know – Good things always take time.


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