Is the Demand for Data Centers in India Declining By Every Minute


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Do you also believe that the demand for data centers in #India is declining by every minute? Then checking this would help you to stop believing such rumours. You can read more roles of #DataCenter here -


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Is the Demand for Data Centers in India Declining By Every Minute? By Abhideep Roy – May 23, 2018


Gartner Predicts A round 50 % of enterprise-generated data (currently 10%) will be created and processed outside a traditional centralized data center or cloud by 2022. The information technology industry in India is the largest private-sector. And, the services of IT industry are emerging as one of the most significant exports.


So, saying that the demand for data centers in the country is witnessing a slow growth is wrong . If you are associated with the IT industry, you need to be aware of some of these data center changes.


01 All-flash solutions will eliminate a number of design challenges. 03 More investment made in data center efficiency: AFM, DCIM, Liquid Cooling, Microgrids . 04 Be compatible to hyper-scale cloud technology 05 Major businesses are moving their solutions to public, private or hybrid cloud. 02 It’s all about converged technologies in 2018 and beyond.


$4.5 Billion By 2018, Indian data center infrastructure market value will be this. 02 in Asia Pacific By 2020, India will be the second largest market for data centers in Asia Pacific. India’s Share $7 Billion By 2020, India will invest $7 billion in Indian data center market. $2.2 $4.5 02 $7 Stats about data center. Source - https:// $2.2 Billion At Present, Indian data center infrastructure market value. Based on many researches and reports, it can be said that the Indian data center market will continue to maintain the surge in the near future.


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