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Do you how the data center is operated and what should you do to maintain the high quality of datacenter server ( Check this PDF to quench your curiosity.


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How Does a Datacenter Operate Data centers are typically run by government agencies or large companies. They are used to provide a fast-growing cloud solution service. The basic properties of a datacenter remain the same irrespective of the size of data as every company’s success depends on smooth software operations. Datacenter servers need an incessant power supply as well as protection from theft accidents and natural disaster. There is a lot of powerful hardware setting in one place so they need sufficient cooling. Here is a basic guide to the operation of a data center. Power supply A data center is connected to two separate grid sectors which is operated by a local utility company. It is done so that if one sector fails second will operate and power is supplied.

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In addition a data center is also provided with generators housed in a separate building so that they can fulfill the emergence demand of data center’s electricity. Besides the data center is also provided with block batteries to ensure that all operating application can run at least for 15 minutes after a power cut. This backup system enables the provider to power the data center in case the utility company total blackout to the time diesel generators are run. An uninterrupted power supply maintains the quality and protects the electronic system of computer by compensating for the voltage and frequency fluctuations. Cooling All electronic components when operated generate heat. If heat is not dissipated properly the efficiency of the process can decrease. In extreme cases it may even fail. Therefore cooling a data center is essential. It is why datacenter servers are installed in racks creating an aisle. The server is accessed from the front side of this rack. The aisles are covered from the above and closed off at the ends. Cool air is blown through the holes in the floor which is passed through the racks. It dissipates heat emitted by the servers. This is how a data center operates.

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