What Is MPLS


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What Is MPLS?:

What Is MPLS?


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What Are the various benefits of MPLS?


Faster Speed: With the use of the labeling technology, the speed of the technology lookups for destinations is faster than standard IP look-ups. 01


QoS : These networks are able to achieve greater quality of service for their customers. They can expect better reliability, speed and voice quality. MPLS networks are able to prioritize the data traffic. High priority packets get more bandwidth as compared to the other ones 02


Faster Restoration: With global MPLS providers, MPLS networks are able to restore interrupted connections at a faster speed than typical networks. 03


Security: These networks offer greater security and are often required by the companies that are in need of enhanced security and privacy for their network needs. Some industries that are using them are financial and healthcare services. 04


24*7 Monitoring: Another benefit is that these networks are pro-actively monitored and managed at all times. It ensures extreme reliability and security. 05


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