MPLS VPN Service From Sify


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Do you know, what is mpls vpn service ( and what are the part of it? This PDF will explain you everything.


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MPLS VPN Service From Sify:

MPLS VPN Service From Sify End-To-End Solutions

Sify’s SiteConnect :

Sify’s SiteConnect Caters To Large & Enterprise Customers Cost-Effective Converged Network Solutions Enables point-to-point data, voice & video traffic SLA based traffic support


Contd … Offers end-to-end private communication networks Leverages Managed IP/MPLS network infrastructure Feels like a dedicated private network at affordable costs Helps businesses connect offices at various locations within and outside India to the corporate intranet

Managed VPN Services:

Managed VPN Services MPLS connectivity solutions are: IP Based MPLS Point-To-Point on Layer 2 MPLS Point-To-Multipoint on Layer 3 TDM-IP & Ethernet over MPLS

Classes of SiteConnect Service:

Classes of SiteConnect Service

USPs of SiteConnect:

USPs of SiteConnect Connects remote location sites to Sify’s MPLS Core Network Delivers high performance ,availability & connectivity to whole sale customers across India & Globe Services delivered through PoPs in India & International PoPs QoS and SLA based Service

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