All You Need to Know About VLAN, VPN, MPLS, and MPLS VPN


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Many organizations use different networking tools, but do they work similar or have differences? Find out in the PDF, which talks about MPLS VPN, VLAN, VPN and MPLS.


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All You Need to Know About VLAN VPN MPLS and MPLS VPN To remain competing in today’s dynamic business context organizations leverage different networking tools including VLAN VPN MPLS and MPLS VPN. No doubt all these tools have similarities between them but they all are meant to solve different problems. So they differ in characteristics and advantages. If you are a business reading this it is an effort to make you aware with all of them so that you could easily spot the difference and implement one that best suits your business. Read on VLAN VLAN expands for Virtual Local Area Network or Virtual LAN. It is useful when you want to treat distinct streams of Ethernet traffic differently without running separate cables. In other words you can say it is a broadcast domain which is partitioned and isolated within a computer network at OSI layer 2. Simply put it subdivides a network into virtual LANs one configures network equipment. One of the best examples to consider is when you share an office jack between a computer and IP phone. VPN VPN expands for Virtual Private Network. It is beneficial when you want to create a secure connection between a client and private network over the public Internet. With the aid of VPN you can add security to both private and public networks including WIFI Hotspots and the Internet. Many organizations use this method to protect their crucial data. One basic example you can consider is VPN helps connect two company offices.

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MPLS MPLS expands for Multiprotocol Label Switching. It is extremely beneficial when it comes to speeding up the delivery of network packets which use distinct labels over multiple protocols. MPLS is one of the popular data carrying techniques that powers high-performance telecommunication networks. Today leading organizations leverage this network tool to improve their workflow. MPLS VPN As you can see MPLS VPN is the combination of two different network technologies. This combination defines the method for using MPLS to create VPNs. MPLS VPN is a fantastic way to transport and route various types of network traffic using an MPLS backbone. It makes delivery faster and secure. No surprise why it has gained such an immense popularity all over the world.

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Conclusion Now you understand how different networks work as explained above. These network types are used by organizations of variable sizes depending on their preferences and requirements. Read More - 5 Things To Keep In Mind in MPLS Vs VPN

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