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2018 Sandee Doe Tourist spot in Ahmednagar- Ahmednagar Fort

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Tourist spot in Ahmednagar- Ahmednagar Fort If you are in Ahemadnagar do not miss the famous and once impregnable Ahmednagar Fort. Located on Bhingar River some 120 km from Pune this Fort was built by and served as the headquarters of the Ahmednagar Sultanate. It has been under control of the Mughals Hyderabad Nizams Marathas and the East India Company at various points in time. It was used as a Jail by British to imprison Nehru who wrote Discovery of India here and Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad. Why this Fort was considered impregnable in medieval times Though the height of this fort is just 18 meters it had defensive engineering mechanisms that included 30 mtr by a 6ft moat and a Glacis that disrupted enemy’s direct attack. Other features include 24 bastions small mosques a museum and drawbridges. The fort was strong and its defenders braver. At one point in time the Reagent Princess Chand Bibi stood up and defended the Fort against multiple attacks of the mighty Mughal empire. The Fort was lost finally not because of its weakness but due to treachery and internal disputes. Where to stay in Ahmednagar While bedding during travel was the only criteria in early times nowadays we sought for and can get various amenities on our way to see far off places. There are many 3 star hotels in Ahmednagar that have various facilities like i. free Wi-Fi ii. proximity to the Fort as well as tourist spots like the Ahmednagar Beach and Shiridi Temple as well as Transport facilities iii. Restaurant facilities iv. Excellent services

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v. Free parking vi. Business Services and more…. Here is some Best Hotels in Ahmednagar in that category 1. Hotel Paradise 2. Patiala House 3. Hotel Raj Palace 4. Iris Premiere 5. Aurus Hotel 6. Hotel Oberoi 7. Sai Inn 8. Indrayani 9. Hotel Yash palace 10. Shraddha Inn 11. Reeva Suites Reference: ahmednagar-fort/

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