LiFePO4 battery

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Sande Battery is an internationally recognized LiFePO4 Battery manufacturer. Advanced manufacturing technologies ensure durable and efficient rechargeable batteries. Company offers reasonable pricing on all its manufactured qualitative and powerful Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.


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LiFePO4 Battery:

LiFePO4 Battery

Substantial Features of a LiFePO4 Battery:

Following the researches on various issues, the technologies have evolved to create new marvels. The scientist and experts have delivered several kinds of products and gadgets that are utilized all over the world. Similarly, the LiFePO4 battery is an innovative addition to the battery technologies. These batteries exhibit a great performance at a lower cost as compared to the lead-acid batteries and other types. Probably, these are also considered the best as far as the environment is concerned. Rechargeable: One of the significant properties of LiFePO4 battery is that they are rechargeable and can be utilized up to its potential till entire discharge. As compared to the other lithium batteries, they have better and constant discharge voltage abilities. Efficient: The LiFePO4 battery is efficient in terms of several aspects including the usage. They efficiently run for longer hours and that is why they are considered for Hybrid Electric Vehicles such as cars and bikes running on these batteries. Safe: Due to their properties of chemical and thermal stability, these batteries are safe even during mishandling. For that reason, they are being used in several solar and vehicle applications. Also, they are being used in different kinds of consumer electronics. They cost comparatively lower than other types of batteries. Substantial Features of a LiFePO4 Battery

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