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YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS PRESENTATION HERE: SLIDESHARE LINK: The town is the birthplace of artist Salvador Dali, and houses the Dali Theatre-Museum, a large museum designed by Dali himself which attracts many visitors. Population (2018) 46,381.


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1 FIGUERES Dalí Theatre-Museum


Figueres is the birthplace of artist Salvador Dalí (1904-1989), and houses the Dalí Theatre-Museum, the main Dalí museum in Spain, designed by the artist himself. The museum houses one of the best Dalí collections of art in the world, featuring not only paintings and drawings, but also three-dimensional installations and sculptures. This is also where the artist is buried. The Dalí Theatre-Museum calls itself “the largest surrealistic object in the world” Aside from Salvador Dalí's works, there are works by other artists that the painter invited to be exhibited in his museum, such as Antoni Pitxot and Evarist Vallès, accompanied by other artist from the painter's own private collection, such as El Greco, Marià Fortuny, Modest Urgell, Ernest Meissonier, Marcel Duchamp, Gerard Dou and Bouguereau. In various galleries of the Theatre-Museum we can also find works by John de Andrea, Wolf Vostell, Meifrén and Ernst Fuchs. Since Salvador Dalí death in 1989, the crypt where he is buried can also be visited at the centre of the museum. This area was remodeled in 1997 to exhibit a collection of gold jewels designed by the artist.


The space formerly occupied by the audience has been transformed into a courtyard open to the sky. The main installation in the middle of the patio – “Car Naval. Rainy taxi” that has to be the largest Surrealist monument in the world. There are no museum guides that could be hired by visitors or possibility of paying for audio-guide, that’s the requirement of Salvador Dali due to the concept of surrealism – the precipitation must be individual!


Dali's Cadillac that the couple used when they lived for several years in the USA


This 1941 Cadillac, four-door, convertible sedan has a button operated mechanism that makes it rain on mannequin passengers inside the car


Dalí claimed only five of these Cadillacs were made: one for President Roosevelt, one for Clark Gable, one for AI Capone, and a fifth on to some unnamed person


Esther sculpture, placed over the Cadillac is a gift of Ernst Fuchs (1930 – 2015) 


Along the walls of the courtyard are alcoves that house golden mannequins with their arms in different positions


The grotesque monsters contrast with the art deco mannequins


Monsters over walls are the result of collaboration of Antoni Pitxot and Salvador Dali.


Veiled Venus by Olivier Brice (1933-1989) and Esther by Ernst Fuchs (1930-2015)


Veiled Venus by Olivier Brice (1933-1989)


Lady's head by Eusebi Arnau (1864 – 1933), sculptured for Casa Lleó Morera in Barcelona


Lady's head by Eusebi Arnau (1864 – 1933), sculptured for Casa Lleó Morera in Barcelona


Bas-reliefs of the series "Arts and services" realized for the monumental Concorde gate which gave access to the World Fair of Paris in 1900, by the sculptor Anatole Guillot and the ceramist Emile Muller


Bas-relief (enamelled sandstone) of the series "Arts and services“ 1900, by Anatole Guillot and Emile Muller


The Car Naval, Rainy Taxi installation and the Glass geodesic dome roof cupola


The Cadillac is pulling the Gala's boat located on top of a tires' column


The Gala's boat


The Rainy Taxi installation and the Glass geodesic dome roof cupola of the theatre stage


The stage of the old theater “Don Salvador – to the stage! Don Salvador – is always on the Stage!”.


A glass geodesic dome cupola crowns the stage of the old theater and under it, in the middle of the stage is located a tomb of Salvador Dali


The hugest by it’s size painting in the museum is on the stage ballet “Labyrinth” backdrop, that was presented in New York in 1947, that’s the author’s copy (signed Gala Salvador Dali)


Piano Under the Snow


Surrealistic homage–pastiche? Burlesque?–to the Renaissance master is this replica of Moses under a rhino head, with an octopus dangling its tentacles uncomfortably close to the prophet’s face


Freud's book “Moses and Monotheism” with cover relief and illustrations by Dalí


Salvador Dalí Untitled “Dawn” after the Tomb of Lorenzo de' Medici by Michelangelo


Salvador Dalí Untitled After “Head of Michelangelo” by Daniele da Volterra


Salvador Dalí The Warrior or “Los Embozados” after the Tomb of Lorenzo de' Medici by Michelangelo


Salvador Dalí installation Reclining man as a chair and copy of Nymphs and Satyr , created by artist William- Adolphe Bouguereau in 1873


Elements of the Cupola-Stage of the Dalí Theater-Museum, 1977


Sant Narcis


Reclining mummy installation


Reclining mummy installation (detail)


El Cristo retorcido (The Twisted Christ) 1976 a homage to Antonio Gaudi Untitled. Surrealist Angel Element of the Cupola-Stage


The Hallucinogenic Toreador Dalí's installation with metal structure by Emilio Pérez Piñero


Dalí's installation with metal structure by Emilio Pérez Piñero


Dalí's cinetic installation with metal structure by Emilio Pérez Piñero


Untitled (After Roger freeing Angelica by Ingres)


Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea which at Twenty Meters Becomes the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln When we stand further back, twenty meters, as the title prescribes, we can see that the head of Abraham Lincoln fills the entire canvas.  This painting was inspired by a Scientific American article Dali read about visual perception which investigated the minimum number of pixels needed to describe a unique human face.


One of the most noticeable features of the museum was the transparent reticular structure shaped like a geodesic dome that crowns the building which was entrusted by Salvador Dalí to the Murcian architect Emilio Pérez Piñero (1935-1972). That dome has now become the emblem of the Theatre-Museum and a great landmark  of  the city of Figueres


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