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“You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them”. Ray Bradbury YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS PRESENTATION HERE: Thank you!


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Michael Cheval (born Mikhail Khokhlachev, Russian 1966) Dance of Little Swans

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Michael Cheval Hunting march

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Michael Cheval

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Etienne Adolphe Piot (French 1850- 1910) A Blonde Beauty Holding a Book.

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Fernando Botero (Colombian b. 1932)

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Fernando Botero

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Fernando Botero

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Fernando Botero

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Fernando Botero Fernando Botero A lawyer 1995

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Fernando Botero

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Fernando Botero

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Fernando Botero

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Fernando Botero - The Notary Fernando Botero

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Fernando Botero

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Fernando Botero (born 1932) Nun eating an apple

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Françoise Collandre was born in Paris. Françoise Collandre began to expose in 1981 at the Paris “Salon d´Autonne” and has not stopped since. Matinale

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Françoise Collandre

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Françoise Collandre C'est notre Histoire

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Françoise Collandre Pour l'album photo Nos souvenirs

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Françoise Collandre Lecture

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Françoise Collandre

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Françoise Collandre

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Françoise Collandre

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Françoise Collandre

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Françoise Collandre

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Frank Morrison

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Frank Morrison

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Frank Morrison African American Art.

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Frank Morrison My Strength Frank Morrison Our stories

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Frank Morrison

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Frank Morrison LOVE LETTERS Frank Morrison signing

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Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) Sculpture in Central Park NY

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The storyteller of Central Park-Hans Christian Anderson

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Heidi Shaulis (Vermont “cat artist”) How To Train Your Human Charlie Reading ?

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Jacek Yerka (n. 1952) Polish painter of fantasy

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Kenneth Gatewood

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Kenneth Gatewood In Her Light

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Vladimir Volegov William Stephen Coleman (1829-1904) English Academic Classical artist

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Jim Warren Two faces Jim Warren Portrait of Aaron Fodiman

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Jim Warren Family balance

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Jim Warren Ocean dreams Jim Warren Girl With Door Het Raam Book.

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