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YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS PRESENTATION HERE: Thank you It is the traditional place of coronation and burial site for English, later British and later still (and currently) monarchs of the Commonwealth Realms. It briefly held the status of a cathedral from 1546–1556, and is a Royal Peculiar.


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Westminster Abbey

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Westminster Abbey este cel mai înalt edificiu gotic din Anglia, patrimoniu mondial UNESCO Westminster Abbey is one of the world’s greatest churches, a designated World Heritage Site and ‘Royal Peculiar’, which means the Dean is directly answerable to the monarch.

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Westminster Abbey - Administraţia

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În anul 1953 a fost încoronată la Westminster Abbey Regina Elisabeta II Funeraliile Prinţesei Diana au avut loc în anul 1997 The coronation of Kings and Queens has taken place here since 1066, and many of the nation’s Kings and Queens are buried in the Abbey. Principal among them is St Edward the Confessor, King of England from 1042 to 1066, whose shrine is at the heart of the Abbey.

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Westminster Abbey & Victoria Tower

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Methodist Central Hall

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Methodist Central Hall

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Dean’s Yard

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Lady Chapel (Capela Henry VII) a fost realizată între 1503-1519 şi adăposteşte unul dintre ordinele cavalerilor britanici, Ordinul de Bath. Stranele cavalerilor sunt marcate de o plăcuţă şi de un stindard. În navele laterale ale capelei se află mormintele reginelor: Elisabeta I (1533-1603) Maria “Bloody Mary” (1516-1558) Maria Stuart (1542-1587) The Lady Chapel was begun in 1503 and constructed at the expense of Henry VII. It is the last great masterpiece of English medieval architecture. In 1545 John Leland called it "the wonder of the entire world". In 1725 the chapel was first used for installations of Knights of the Order of the Bath and the heraldic banners of living knights hang above the oak stalls.

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Victoria Tower

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♦ Percy Sledge - My special prayer ♦ Ave Maria – Bach-Gounod Fotografii: Mara Chinţa Adrian Moacă Prezentare: Sanda Foişoreanu

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