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International COVID19 Congress (ICC-2020):

International COVID19 Congress (ICC-2020)

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Team Members: Md. Sakib ahsan khan- 01797837141 email:ahsansakib 026 Kazi Md Anisur Rahman - 01521508498 email:anisurtopu 55 Sana ulla- 01792958058, Team name: KSM- 619

Solution Status: Prototype:

Solution Status: Prototype Project Name: “ Snappy Disease Detection ”

Problem Statement::

Problem Statement: Infectious diseases is always a dangerous virus for any country. Because infectious virus can move person to person and huge amount of people got affected in this virus. It's very difficult for medical scientist to find out the vaccine of those viruses. For this reason a society or a country or even the whole world stand stop. Man can't continue their daily activities so that the economic condition get damage. But if we can find out the infectious diseases person then the infectious virus can be stop from spread.

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Introduction: In this project we want to stop the spread of infectious diseases. So that no one can affected by the virus from infectious person . By using some technology and method it can be possible for us.

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Description: As far we know the common infectious diseases are Chickenpox, Diphtheria, E. coli, HIV/AIDS, Influenza (flu), Malaria ,Mumps, Poliomyelitis (polio) ,Pneumonia ,Rubella (German measles) ,Tetanus ,Tuberculosis , Viral hepatitis ,Whooping cough ( pertussis ), covid19 and upto next infectious diseases. Many infectious diseases have similar symptoms like as fever, fatigue, and muscle aches, headache . Mainly This symptoms are the common of all infectious diseases. But the many infectious diseases are more familiar for their specialized symptoms .Like the temperature of fever is vary from one infectious to another infectious diseases. In malaria and covid 19 infectious diseases create high temperature in a human body for a fever which another infectious diseases cann’t create it. From the above if we can test all the common symptoms then it will be easy for us that person are carrying virus or not.

Procedure: :

Procedure: On the beginning we collect some basic information such as fever, blood pressure, heartbeat etc then we compare those of data with a normal human information. In this case we use data analysis, machine learning and etc. We test the some common diseases such as fever, cough and find that headache, tiredness. Because those of are all the common disease of all infectious diseases. If we find out any symptoms then we take him isolation and test again that the symptom is reason or any infectious virus affect. If infectious virus affected person is find out then we sent him isolation.

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Start Person Any syndrome? No Yes Test again Find the diseases Test some common diseases. if disease is seasonal or normal find the diseases & take him isolation End Yes


Efficiency: It's impossible for our project when infectious diseases are in torpid condition. Because in this case we can not find any data form the patient. Otherwise our project work correctly.

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