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Presenter: Nishant Malik

What is Cloud Computing?:

What is Cloud Computing? It allows companies to offer services to clients on a pay-by-use system. It also allows companies to store data on a virtual server. It puts customers information and or applications in a virtual “cloud” that can be accessed through the web. Customers can enjoy software applications, and information storage at a low price.

How does this benefit the consumer?:

How does this benefit the consumer? Instead of buying soft ware, downloading it on your computer and dealing with the maintenance and upgrades, you pay for the software service, access it over the web and the company does the rest. Other services offered through cloud computing are: Platform hosting Data storage Email Software (Saas).

Consumer Benefits:

Consumer Benefits Cloud Computing Reduces costs of software and allows for storage to be paid for by the amount of storage instead of buying servers and equipment for all data. Is an easy solution for companies that store customers files like picture sharing. Also is ideal with organizations that store a large amount of data, for example libraries.

Companies that offer Cloud Computing Services:

Companies that offer Cloud Computing Services Several Major companies are jumping at the chance to offer services for this new revolution of computer technology. It is said to be as big of technology as the internet.

PowerPoint Presentation:

The leader in cloud computing. Google offers several services including e-mail and document creating applications. Google claims its services are 99.99% reliable. Though users have experienced downtime. Bugs and glitches always occur with new technology.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Amazon offers companies data storage services. Companies only have to pay for the storage they use. More and more companies are starting to trust cloud computing services and turn begin to store their data in the clouds. It appeals to companies because it eliminates time employees spend on maintaining this data and eliminates maintenance.


Microsoft The cloud computing industry is predicted to hurt the software business. Therefore Microsoft is taking a stand and developing cloud computing services of their own, Azure. They are offering Microsoft based document applications for the web for a small monthly fee.


Pentagon Even the government is wanting to get in on this new technology. The US Defense Department is offering a new cloud computing service to its military users called RACE. They claim there services are more reliable and secure because security is their # 1 policy

PowerPoint Presentation:

IBM are developing cloud computing applications for the everyday user called CloudBurst. There has also been some talk of IBM coming together with Sun Microsystems to enhance their ability to build data centers for this new technology. IBM also offers “private” cloud computing services using IBM blue services software. Instead of putting information out on the internet it makes the companies data center into its own cloud. This cloud is blocked off from the internet using firewalls.

Security Issues:

Security Issues Some people are still skeptical about this new technology. Why should you trust some company with your private information or your companies’ information? Should you just put information out there? Is it safe or can someone hack into the “cloud” easier than into your computer? Also is it reliable? Will you always be able to access this information?

Security Issues:

Security Issues It is good common practice to be skeptical with a new technology in the computer world. There are always bugs and glitches that occur and things that need to be worked out. Some companies have reported down time and outages to these new cloud computing services. These same services that promise almost 100% use and availability are having trouble keeping these promises. Amazon's services went out for six hours and Google users have also reported 22 hours of downtime. People are also wary that hackers can access your information easier in a cloud than on your personal computer.


Conclusion Companies have to pick and choose and be careful with what data they allow to be out there in a cloud. Cloud computing can be a useful resource to help companies save money but can also have downfalls. The average citizen doesn't want their personal information unprotected and available. As companies perfect their cloud computing services, I think that more companies will be open to using these services. This service will provide new inventive ways to use computers and provide services.



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