Explore the way to increase CTR from PPC advertising services


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Sam web solution offer PPC advertising services to increase your CTR. Our Pay per click (PPC) services help to advertise your business quickly with paid organic search results


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Explore the way to increase CTR from PPC advertising:

Explore the way to increase CTR from PPC advertising


CTR is one of the important concepts in SEO. CTR means Click through Rate. In mathematical form CTR= Clicks/Impression. It means gives the information how many clicks are clicked by the customers after visiting the advertisement in PPC advertisement. PPC refers that you need to pay some of the amounts to the search engines to view your ads for a single click.


Whether organic or inorganic the main purpose of SEO is making your customers visit your page and become a customer. Increasing the rate of your visitors in high level and the keyword is an important tool to convert those visitors into customers. So for, to increase the CTR value you must make your customers visiting you web page.

Keyword and advertisement relationship :

Keyword and advertisement relationship For SEO keyword is essential and it only brings your website into high PageRank position. Because of then only a customers will easily find their search from the search engine result. In the same like advertisement also increases the interest of the visitors to make them open the web page.

Careful in negative keyword :

Careful in negative keyword Negative keywords never bring your site into the forefront. So be careful while initiating the keyword because of it never mismatch or never have a negative meaning. It will definitely drop your website value downward

Use the ad extension :

Use the ad extension Use the extension word for your targeted keyword for a visible purpose. In SERP, it will be displayed no of results for this particular keyword, and it will increase the SERP value. Site link extension also increases if you built it with number is additional pages

Use symbols to catch easy :

Use symbols to catch easy Yes , you can use the different symbols to mention your thought and for business development. For example registered trademarks, copyright , (parentheses), exclamation marks! dollar $ ign $ will make easy for your customer's motivation and make them open your page.

Using first letter caps :

Using first letter caps In the same way, use the first letter as caps to mention it with block letter. It gives you large advantages

Refer to competitor’s website to get better SEO concept and tactics :

Refer to competitor’s website to get better SEO concept and tactics Look our competitor’s website to know more about us and our position like keyword, URL and ad extension. We caan get a better idea compare with those competitors

Make visible the useful offers :

Make visible the useful offers Free of trail or any other less amount of price will give you more motivation to open your website and it will provide you more advantages

Digital marketing company:

Digital marketing company Sam Web Solution is the leading digital marketing company origin from Bangalore, India. We are specialized in following internet marketing services are, Search engine optimization (SEO) Search engine marketing (SEM) Social media optimization (SMO) Social media marketing (SMM) PPC advertising services (PPC) Online reputation management services (ORM) Content marketing services Email marketing services Link building services

Contact Sam Web Solution:

Contact Sam Web Solution Mail to: sales@samwebsolution.com Web: http://www.samwebsolution.com

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