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How did the apostles die?:

How did the apostles die?

Peter (Simon) :

Peter (Simon) He was crucified (upside down) in Rome, Italy 54-68AD

Andrew :

Andrew He was severely scourged and tied on a X- shaped cross and hung for 2 days in Edessa, Greece (no specific date)

James :

James He was beheaded with a sword in Jerusalem, Israel 44 AD he was the first martyr in Jerusalem

John :

John He was thrown in boiling oil but unharmed; died of natural cause in Ephesus, Turkey 98 AD

Philip :

Philip He was crucified in Hieropolis, Syria ( no specific date)


Bartholomew(Nathaniel) He was beaten/flayed and crucified In India (no specific date) flayed means to take off the skin

Thomas :

Thomas He was lanced by idolatrous priests and burned up in an oven Lanced is a long weapon Idolatrous in the worship of false god


Matthew(Levi) Arrested in Ethiopia and there nailed to the ground with short spears and beheaded about 60 AD

James ,son of Alphaeus :

James ,son of Alphaeus He was thrown down from the Temple tower he was not dead so they clubbed him to death at the age 94 (66 AD) Clubbed is a thick heavy stick

Judas Thaddeus:

Judas Thaddeus He was crucified in Edessa, Greece 72 AD

Simon the Zealot:

Simon the Zealot He was crucified in Brittannia, Europe (no specific date)

Judas Iscariot:

Judas Iscariot Hanged himself in Jerusalem about the time Jesus died

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