The Two Sides Of a Coin

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The Two Sides Of A Coin:

The Two Sides Of A Coin By Samuel Diaz

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Mexico a Place of Great Beauty

Cathedral Of Mexico:

Cathedral Of Mexico

Angel Of Independence Of Mexico:

Angel Of Independence Of Mexico

Ixtapa, Guerrero:

Ixtapa, Guerrero

Tepic, Mexico:

Tepic, Mexico

Mexico Observatory:

Mexico Observatory

Pyramid of Yucatan:

Pyramid of Yucatan

Cave of Yucatan:

Cave of Yucatan

Streets From The Historic Center (City Of Mexico):

Streets From The Historic Center (City Of Mexico)

Rivera Maya Of Guanajuato:

Rivera Maya Of Guanajuato



Street Of Guanajuato:

Street Of Guanajuato



Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe:

Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

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Mexico in Turbulent Times


Conclusion The purpose of creating this power point is to show the majestic beauty of Mexico and its great culture. Mexico is a young country, which is still growing. Its social economic infrastructure has increase with hotels being established in the country of Mexico so that tourists could take advantage o f it. As years gone by the country has become a violent and a corrupt society with deaths increasing on the daily basis. Now many Mexican families fear walking in the streets in which they grew up in, violence is around every corner. Organized crime has taken control over the way people live. The government is having a hard time establishing organization and bringing peace to the people. Regardless, the Mexican people are happy people and this does not get in their way o their celebrations. The country’s warm climate and its gastronomical art an their many amenities keep on bringing people in back in the country . Personally I think Mexico is a place to live for it provides liberty and conformity.


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